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PhD Alumni


Alumnus Section Committee Chair(s) Title of Dissertation Where they are now
Meaghan Baril English Literature Page duBois, Shelley Streeby Together Through the End: Theorizing Community in Apocalypse Literature Adjunct Professor at San Diego City College
Vivian Chih Cultural Studies Ping-hui LiaoDaisuke Miyao "Her" Stories in Cultural Memory Reconstruction: through the Paintings and Films from Twentieth-Century Taiwan
Sean Compas Cultural Studies Meg Wesling Surviving Dystopia: Desiring Disability and Deliberate Cripping in Apocalyptic Film Lecturer, Muir College
Celine Khoury English Literature Dan Vitkus Becoming English: Religion, Race, and Racial Capitalism in Early English Drama
Laurie Nies English Literature Sara Johnson, Kathryn Walkiewicz Life Matters: Nineteenth-Century Women’s Autobiographical Narratives Lecturer, Muir College
Marina Vlahakis English Literature Oumelbanine Nina Zhiri, Ameeth Vijay The Hair Salon as Contact Zone: Hairdressing and Feminist World Making in Twenty-First Century African Narratives


Alumnus Section Committee Chair(s) Title of Dissertation Where they are now
Tina Hyland English Literature Page duBois, Lily Hoàng Divining Literature: A History of Tarot
Hannah Grace Lanneau English Literature Meg Wesling Constructing the American Dream: The GI Bill, Middlebrow Literary Culture, and the Politics of Well-Being in the Mid-Twentieth Century
Sang Eun Lee English Literature with a Specialization in Critical Gender Studies Shelley Streeby, Erin Suzuki Digesting the Empire: Embodying Life beyond Militarized Circulations across the Pacific Ocean Assistant Professor of American Studies, Indiana University Bloomington
Aly Stauffer English Literature Meg Wesling The Queer Freedom of Faggotry: A Schizoanalysis of Twentieth-Century American Faggots
Pai Wang Cultural Studies Ping-hui Liao Distant Intimacy: Stardom and Moving Image Cultures on the Post-2000 Screen Lecturer in Chinese at Caltech
Xiaojiao Wang Comparative Literature Amelia Glaser Constructing Juvenescent Spaces: Youth Mobilizations, Utopian Communities, and Law in Shanghai and Paris, 1910s-1970s Global Perspective on Society Postdoctoral Fellow, NYU Shanghai
Yiwen Wang Cultural Studies Daisuke Miyao Old Stories, New Media: Transmedia Adaptation of Chinese Antiquity Assistant Professor, Beijing Foreign Studies University
Shannon Welch Comparative Literature with a Specialization in Critical Gender Studies Daisuke Miyao, Andrea Mendoza Transpacific Anomalies and Alterities: Decolonial Possibilities through Japanese Brazilian Literature Project Researcher at Tokyo College, University of Tokyo


Alumnus Section Committee Chair(s) Title of Dissertation Where they are now
Luis Cortes English Literature Dennis Childs, Sara Johnson The Open Graves of Latina/os: Representations of a Latinx Horror in Pinto Poetics, Border Gothic, and the Homeless Encampments in Los Angeles Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies and American Literature of the US at Texas A&M University - Kingsville
Zachary Hayes Spanish Literature Luis Martín-Cabrera TRANSITIONAL OBJECTS: memory in the details of postdictatorial literature of Argentina and Chile Assessment Specialist: Spanish Literature and Language,
Catherine Hayter Composition & Rhetoric Stephanie Jed, Susan Jarratt Cutting and Pasting: The Rhetorical Promise of Scrapbooking as Feminist Inventiveness and Agency from the Margins Assistant Professor, Composition, Saddleback College
Beatriz Ramirez Comparative Literature Gloria Chacón, Rosaura Sánchez Detective Fiction as a Cultural Form in Contemporary Latin American and Chicana/o Fiction: Crime, Corruption, and Cities Research Analyst, National Low Income Housing Coalition
Melissa Vipperman-Cohen English Literature Dan Vitkus Queer Capitalism and Global Economies on the Early Modern English Stage Visiting Assistant Professor of English, University of West Florida
Stacie Vos English Literature Seth Lerer Englishing the Virgin: Enclosure, Dissemination, and the Early English Book Lecturer, English, University of San Diego
Justin Wyble Cultural Studies Rosaura Sánchez, Don Wayne Anticipatory Literature: SF, Utopia, and the Emergence of Historicity in the Long 2010s Senior Lecturer, English, Chaminade University of Honolulu


Alumnus Section Committee Chair(s) Title of Dissertation Where they are now
Soraya Abuelhiga English Literature Fatima El-Tayeb Off the Script: Staging Palestinian Humanity Lecturer, Arabic, University of San Diego
Carolin Boettcher English Literature Margaret Loose, Sal Nicolazzo Women's Scientific Tools: Scientific Material Practices in the Works of Margaret Cavendish, Jane Barker, and Charlotte Smith Research Assistant: British Literature, Science, and Nature,
Ludwig Maximilian University Munich (Germany)
Julia Fermentto-Tzaisler Comparative Literature Amelia Glaser Flesh and Blood: The Metaphorics of Meat in Modern Jewish Culture Postdoctoral Fellow, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Israel); Artistic Director, Jerusalem International Writers Festival
Kailey Giordano English Literature Seth Lerer, Dan Vitkus Miranda's Daughters: Women's Ecological Thinking in Seventeenth-Century English Literature Humanities and English Educator, La Jolla Country Day School
Jeanelle Horcasitas Cultural Studies Rosaura Sánchez, Shelley Streeby Reclaiming the Future: A Speculative Cultural Study Technical Writing & Editing/Developer Education, DigitalOcean
Edmundo Ortiz English Literature Rosaura Sánchez Haunting and Dispossession: Spatial and Environmental Injustice in Los Angeles 1940s-1990s Lecturer, Analytical Writing Program, UCSD and Lecturer, Rhetoric & Writing Studies, SDSU
Fernando Sanchez Cultural Studies Milos Kokotovic, Luis Martín-Cabrera Transnational Homes: Representations of Border Rhetorics in Mexican Cinema at Moments of Democratic Transition
Jeanine Webb English Literature Shelley Streeby On Counterepic: Feminist and Anti-State Interventions Into the Epic Genre Poet, Writer, Instructor in Interdisciplinary Studies, Woodbury University
Suzy Woltmann English Literature Meg Wesling What's Past is Prologue: A Revolutionary Approach to Adaptations Studies Adjunct Professor of Composition, Point Loma Nazarene University


Alumnus Section Committee Chair(s) Title of Dissertation Where they are now
Rhett Farinholt English Literature Michael Davidson, Meg Wesling Consider the Pill: Pharmacentric Readings of Post-WWII American Literature
Jennifer Marchisotto English Literature Michael Davidson Documents in Madness: Mental Disability and Affective Play in Twentieth Century Irish and Caribbean Literatures​ Co-owner, Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore, San Diego
Norell Martínez Cultural Studies Gloria Chacón, Rosaura Sánchez Bruja Feminism & Cultural Production: Reclaiming the Witch in the Neoliberal Era Associate Professor of English and Chicano/a Studies, San Diego City College
Jorge Omar Pimienta Spanish Literature Luis Martín-Cabrera California Imaginada Poeticas de emergencia y arte fronterizomatico en la frontera Tijuana/San Diego Assistant Professor of Spanish and Portuguese, UCSB


Alumnus Section Committee Chair(s) Title of Dissertation Where they are now
Danielle Hammer English Literature Michael Davidson A Changing Home: Displaced Trauma, Madness, and the Specter of Nation in New Irish Literature Adjunct Instructor and Bridge Progam Co-Coordinator, Southern Oregon University
Kevin Hart Comparative Literature Amelia GlaserSeth Lerer
The Knower and the Known: Problems of Epistemology and Social Science in Popular Detective and Modernist Fiction Faculty, Literature, Fulbright University Vietnam
Mark Kelley English Literature Sara Johnson, Nicole Tonkovich Sentimental Seamen and Pirates of Sympathy: Antebellum Narratives of Terraqueous Domesticity Assistant Professor of English, Florida International University
Teresa Kuruc Comparative Literature Amelia Glaser Cognitive Counterparts: The Literature of Eastern Europe's Volatile Political Times, 1917-2017 Director of Faculty Support and Development, University of Arizona Global Campus
Amanda Martin Sandino Cultural Studies Shelley Streeby The Dis-Topic Future: Biofuturity, Disability, and Crip Communities in Anglophone Speculative Fiction Lecturer, Critical Gender Studies, UCSD and Senior Editor, EditingWorm
Crystal Perez English Literature Rosaura Sánchez Another Los Angeles: Chicana/o and Latina/o Counter- Mappings in Literature, Visual Art and Film, 1965-2015 Assistant Professor, Cal State East Bay
Katherine Thompson Cultural Studies Jody BlancoShelley Streeby Seduction, Sporting Culture and Sensational Literature: White Manhood and Modernity in the Antebellum United States Instructional Designer, UCI School of Nursing


Alumnus Section Committee Chair(s) Title of Dissertation Where they are now
Bailee Chandler Cultural Studies Michael DavidsonRosaura Sánchez Talking Back: Disabled Women's Auto biography 1850-1950 Lecturer, Analytical Writing Program, UCSD
Jane Coulter English Literature Michael DavidsonNicole Tonkovich
Modernist Pedagogy: Educational Experiments in Immigrant Fiction; or Making Jewish Immigrants American in the Progressive Era Interim Director, Writing Hub, UCSD and Embedded Writing Mentor Program Coordinator, Analytical Writing Program, UCSD
Nadeen Kharputly Comparative Literature Oumelbanine Nina Zhiri Secular Islam and the Rhetoric of Humanity Content Strategist, Reforge
Eunsong Kim English Literature Page duBois, Fatima El-Tayeb Property in Modern Aesthetics Associate Professor of English, Northeastern University
Cindy Pinhal Comparative Literature Jody Blanco Forgetting the Forgetfulness: (Dis)remembering the Coloniality of the Portuguese and Spanish Dictatorships Assistant Professor, Modern Languages, Farmingdale State College - SUNY
Reema Rajbanshi English Literature Page duBois, Kalindi Vora Indigeneities at the Millenium: Caste Articulations in Indian, Brazilian, and Global Imaginaries Assistant Professor of English, Bowling Green State University


Alumnus Section Committee Chair(s) Title of Dissertation Where they are now
Yelena Bailey Cultural Studies Jody BlancoSara Johnson In Search of the Fullest Freedom: Contemporary Black Internationalist Feminist Writing Director of Education Policy, Minnesota Professional Educators Licensing and Standards Board
Sören Fröhlich English Literature Michael DavidsonNicole Tonkovich Blood of a Nation: Politics, Medicine, and Race in U.S. Literature, 1848-1900
Paulina Gonzales English Literature Gloria ChacónMichael Davidson Transindigenous Modernism: Literature of the Americas, 1929-1945 Analytical Writing Program Curriculum Coordinator, UCSD
Anthony Kim Cultural Studies Zeinabu Davis, Luis Martín-Cabrera Motions of Search: A Korean/American Epistemology Digital Programming, POV on PBS
Ashvin Kini Cultural Studies Lisa LoweShelley Streeby Racial Encounters: Queer Affiliations in Black and South Asian Diasporas Visiting Assistant Professor of English, College of the Holy Cross
Jin Liu Comparative Literature Yingjin Zhang Envisioning the Chinese Detective: Dimensions of an Imported Genre, 1890s-1940s
Sarah Jo Mayville English Literature Nicole Tonkovich Feathers, Skins, Bodies, and Bones: Palimpsesting Temporality, Movement, and Resistance in Native North American Literatures Memoriam
Ilaria Tabusso Marcyan Comparative Literature Pasquale Verdicchio Peasant Culture and Intellectual Environmental Activism: The Legacy of the Italian Resistance and Contemporary Spaces of Activism Visiting Assistant Professor of Italian Studies, Miami University
Sarika Talve-Goodman Cultural Studies Michael DavidsonAmelia Glaser Cultural Scars: The Poetics of Trauma and Disability in 20th Century Jewish Literature Psychotherapist, Empowered Spaces, St. Louis, MO
Stacey Trujillo Cultural Studies Shelley Streeby The Elite Domestic Sphere: Identity, Memory, and Nostalgia in Literatures of U.S. Empire 1885-1915 Full-time Faculty, English, Palomar College
Niall Twohig Cultural Studies Page duBoisLuis Martín-Cabrera Revolutionary Constellations: Seeing Revolution Beyond the Dominant Frames Lecturer, Warren Writing Program, UCSD
Ben Van Overmeire Comparative Literature Richard Cohen Encounter Dialogue: The Literary History of a Zen Buddhist Genre Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Duke Kunshan University
Caitlin Yamamoto Cultural Studies Rosaura Sánchez Emergent Voices of (Neo)colonial Resistance: The Contemporary Literatures, Cultures, and Histories of "Micronesia" Instructor, Chaminade University in Honolulu


Alumnus Section Committee Chair(s) Title of Dissertation Where they are now
Allia Griffin Cultural Studies Sara Johnson, Babak Rahimi The Radius of Loss: Readings on Contemporary African American and Iranian American Literature and Performance Lecturer, Ethnic Studies, Santa Clara University
Ren Heintz English Literature Fatima El-Tayeb, Shelley Streeby Hidden in Plain View: Where Interracial Meets Queer in Nineteenth-Century U.S. Literature and Culture Assistant Professor, English, Cal State LA
Bernadine Hernandez English Literature Rosaura Sánchez Sexing Empire: The Ontology of Racialized Gender and Sexuality in the Hemispheric Southwest through Mexican American and Chicana Narrative Associate Professor, English, University of New Mexico
Tania Jabour Cultural Studies Nicole Tonkovich Spectacular Subjects: Race, Rhetoric, and Visuality in American Public Cultures (1870-1900) Program Chair, English, Cuyamaca College
Jun Lei Comparative Literature Yingjin Zhang Bodies, Emotions and "Feminine Space": The Changing Femininities and Masculinities in Early Twentieth-Century Chinese Literature and Culture Assistant Professor of Chinese, Texas A&M University
Christopher Perreira English Literature Rosaura SánchezShelley Streeby Empires of Disease: Criminal Encounters, Contagious Nations, and Archives of U.S. Culture and Literature Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies, UCSD
Violeta Sanchez Spanish Literature Jorge MariscalNicole Tonkovich Chicana/o Dreaming: The American Dream and Education in Chicana/o Narrative Full-Time Faculty, English, Mira Costa College
Diego Ubiera Spanish Literature Sara JohnsonMilos Kokotovic Contrapunteo Dominicano: Pedro F. Bonì and Nineteenth- Century Santo Domingo Associate Professor, English, Fitchburg State University


Alumnus Section Committee Chair(s) Title of Dissertation Where they are now
Gabriela Cázares English Literature Rosaura Sánchez Making Familia from Scratch: U.S. Latina/o Narratives of Rupture and Resistance Director, EDUCAL Program at California Lutheran University
Josen Diaz Cultural Studies Jody Blanco, Lisa Lowe The Subject Case: The Filipino Body and the Politics of Making Filipino America Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies, University of San Diego
Amie Filkow English Literature Sara Johnson "To Rise by Enterprize": Opportunism and Self-Interest in British Atlantic Literature, 1700-1854 Director, Marketing and Communications, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Alberta, Canada
Inhye Han Comparative Literature Ping-hui Liao, William O'Brien Exploiting the Old Empire: Korean and Taiwanese Literature and Film in Semicolonial China, 1923-1943 Teaching Faculty, Asian Studies Division, Yonsei University, South Korea
Jade Hidle English Literature Shelley Streeby Bound by Water: Inquiry, Trauma, and Genre in Vietnamese American Literature Full-Time Faculty, English, Mira Costa College
Satoko Kakihara Comparative Literature Ping-hui Liao, Lisa Yoneyama Flowers in Contradiction: Japanese Imperialism and Gender Construction Through Women's Writings, 1895-1945 Associate Professor of Japanese, CSU Fullerton
Chien-Ting Lin Cultural Studies Ping-hui LiaoLisa Lowe Fugitive Subjects of the "Mi-Yi": Politics of Life and Labor in Taiwan's Medical Modernity Associate Professor of English, National Central University, Taiwan
Katrina Oko-Odoi Spanish Literature Rosaura Sánchez Recovering the Forgotten Puerto Rican and Chicano Soldiers of the U.S. Wars in East Asia. Cultural Representations at the Limits of the Scholarly Archive Founder and Chief Content Strategist, ContentWorm
Clare Rolens English Literature Michael Davidson Dangerous Crossings: Class Passing, Identity Intersectionality,and Consumer Culture in U.S. Crime Fiction and Film, 1940-1960 Associate Professor of English, Palomar College
Milda Zilinskaite Comparative Literature Jaime Concha Witold Gombrowicz and Virgilio Pinera, the Argentine Experience Senior Scientist, Competence Center Manager, Vienna University of Economics and Business


Alumnus Section Committee Chair(s) Title of Dissertation Where they are now
Aaron Anderson Cultural Studies Alain J.-J. Cohen Rethinking the Slasher Film: Violated Bodies and Spectators in Halloween, Friday the 13th, and A Nightmare on Elm Street Associate Professor of Screen Media, University of Wollongong in Dubai
Alex Chang Cultural Studies Lisa LoweRosaura Sánchez Figuring the Human: Aesthetics, Politics and the Humanity to Come
Jason Farr English Literature Kathryn Shevelow, George Haggerty Queer Deformities: Disability and Sexuality in Eighteenth-Century Women's Fiction - Haywood, Scott, Burney Associate Professor of English, Marquette University
Sally Giles English Literature Michael DavidsonRosaura Sánchez Who Cares?: Dependency and Domestic Labor in 20th- and 21st- Century US Literature Writer/Editor, CEEK Enterprises & MA in Speech-Language Pathology
Ana Grinberg Comparative Literature Lisa Lampert-Weissig (Un)stable Identities: Impersonation, Conversation, and Relocation in Historia del emperador Carlo Magno y los doce pares Lecturer and Ruth T. Faulk Distinguished Teacher, English Department, Auburn University
Ryan Heryford Cultural Studies Rosaura Sánchez Preservation and the Production of Bare Life: Cultural Expressions of US Genocide from 1864-1948 Associate Professor of English, Cal State East Bay
Anita Huizar-Hernandez Cultural Studies Rosaura Sánchez The Present Past: Recovering Native American, Mexican-American, and Anglo Narratives of Territorial Arizona 1848-1912 Associate Professor of Spanish, School of International Letters and Cultures, Arizona State University
Joo Ok Kim English Literature Lisa Lowe, Shelley Streeby Untelling the Tales of Empire: Intimate Epistemologies of the Korean War Associate Professor of Literature, UCSD
Kedar Kulkarni English Literature Rosemary GeorgeKathryn Shevelow Theatre and the Making of the Modern Indian Subject in late Nineteenth Century India Associate Professor of Literary & Cultural Studies, FLAME University, India
Yuliya Ladygina Comparative Literature Amelia Glaser, Steven Cassedy Narrating the Self in the Mass Age: Olha Kobylianska in the European Fin-de-Siecle and Its Aftermath, 1886-1936 Assistant Professor of Slavic and Global and International Studies, Penn State
Margarita Levantovskaya Comparative Literature Amelia Glaser, Steven Cassedy Rootless Cosmopolitans: Literature of the Soviet-Jewish Diaspora Lecturer, English, Santa Clara University
Leonora Paula Comparative Literature Milos KokotovicLuis Martín-Cabrera Critical Geographies of Globalization: Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo in 21st Century Assistant Professor of English, Michigan State University
Katharine Slater English Literature Seth Lerer Little Geographies: Children's Literature and Local Place Associate Professor of English, Rowan University
Nadine Wassef Comparative Literature Stephanie JedPasquale Verdicchio Relations Beyond Encounters: Reinterpreting Post- Coloniality in Egyptian and Italian Literatures and Identities Between 1826 and 1940 Lecturer and Coordinator of the Bachelor of Al-Alsun Program in Italian Language and Literature, Ain Shams University, Egypt


Alumnus Section Committee Chair(s) Title of Dissertation Where they are now
Adrian Arancibia Spanish Literature Rosaura Sánchez Spirits in a Material World: Representations of Gentrification in U.S. Urban Centers Professor and Department Chair of English, Miramar College, Board Trustee at the Sweetwater Union High School District, and owner of Twiggs Coffeehouses
Edward Avila Cultural Studies Rosaura Sánchez Conditions of (Im)possibility: Necropower and the Cultural Politics of Death in Contemporary Chicana/o Literature and Film Associate Professor of English Literature & English Studies, Minnesota State University Mankato
Scott Boehm Cultural Studies Luis Martín-Cabrera, Susan Kirkpatrick Traumatized Subjects: Horror Film and the Legacy of Mass Extermination in Post-Dictatorship Spain Assistant Professor of Spanish and Global Studies, Michigan State University
Angie Chau Comparative Literature Yingjin Zhang Dreams and Disillusionment in the City of Light: Chinese Writers and Artists Travel to Paris, 1920s-1940s Assistant Professor of Chinese Literature and Film, University of Victoria, Canada
Jennie Daniels Spanish Literature Milos KokotovicLuis Martín-Cabrera Solidarity at the Margins: Literature, Film, and Justice in Neoliberal Argentina, Brazil and Chile Professor of World Language, Literature, and Culture, The College of Idaho
Andrea Dominguez Cultural Studies Michael Davidson "Mysteries and Miseries": The Racial Uncanny in the American West Professor and Assistant Dean of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, DeVry University
Andrew Escudero English Literature Rosaura SánchezShelley Streeby Exhuming Caliban: Gothic and Madness in Late Twentieth and Twenty-First - Century Caribbean Literary Fictions Instructor of English, West Texas A&M University
Mary Eyring English Literature Nicole Tonkovich American Maritime Industry and a Charity of Wages, 1790-1850 Associate Professor of English, Brigham Young University
Jeffrey Gagnon English Literature Sara Johnson (Re)creating Social Life Out of Social Death: Cross-Cultural Alliances in the Circum-Atlantic, 1760-1815 Program Director, Warren Writing Program, UCSD
Trina Larson English Literature Linda Brodkey National Encounters and Institutional States of Exception: The US Insane Asylum and the First-Person Reform Writing of Mad Women, 1844-1897 Faculty, English, Cuyamaca College
Michael Lundell English Literature Alain J.-J. Cohen Bound Infinities: Scheherazade's Moral Matrix of The 1001 Nights Associate Professor of English, Palomar College
Carlos Martell Spanish Literature Max Parra Ciudad y Mexico en la obra literaria de Jose Joaquin Blanco: arquitectura discursive y cartografia literaria en la transicion neoliberal Spanish Faculty, The Bishop's School, La Jolla, CA
Yumi Pak Cultural Studies Camille Forbes Outside Relationality: Autobiographical Deformations and the Literary Lineage of Afro-pessimism in 20th and 21st Century African American Literature Associate Professor of Black Studies, Occidental College
Daniel Quiros Spanish Literature Milos Kokotovic Culture, Politics and Neoliberalism: New Subjectivities and Representation in Argentina and Central America, 1990s-2000s Associate Professor of Spanish, Lafayette College
Mary Reid English Literature Rosemary George "Nowhere If Not Here": The Ethics of Queer Experimentation in the Global Novel Form
Jamie Rosenthal English Literature Rosemary GeorgeKathryn Shevelow Of Bonds and Bondage: Gender, Slavery, and Transatlantic Intimacies in the Eighteenth Century Proposal Writer, ICON plc
Gabriela Bacsán Spanish Literature Milos KokotovicLuis Martín-Cabrera Mas alla de los imaginarios neoliberales: espacio urbano, escritura, y justicia social en Chile y Cuba, 1990-2008 Associate Professor of Spanish, Latin American, and Caribbean Literatures and Cultures, Scripps College
L. Chase Smith Cultural Studies Lisa Lowe, Shelley Streeby Diversions of Progress: Popular Culture and Visions of Modernity in the Transpacific Borderlands
Sabrina Starnaman Composition Theory, Research, and Practice Michael DavidsonNicole Tonkovich Deforming the Neighbors: Motherhood, Charity, and Disability in Social Settlement Literature, 1880-1930 Associate Professor of Instruction - Literature, University of Texas, Dallas
Lisa Thomas English Literature Nicole Tonkovich Exceptional Vengeance: Revenge and the Rule of Law in Nineteenth-Century American Literature Attorney Advisor, Investigation and Prosecution Division, U.S. Office of Special Counsel
Linda Torres English Literature Rosaura Sánchez The Unsung Stream: the Ethnic Continuum in U.S. Literature and Film, From John Rollin Ridge to John Sayles
Lisa (Vernoy) Hurtado English Literature Stephanie Jed The Value of a Body: Anatomy Lessons in Nineteenth-Century British Literature and Visual Culture English Instructor, Pierce College
Yin Wang Cultural Studies Ping-hui Liao, Lisa Yoneyama Transnational Assimilation: Literary Practices and the Racial Regime of Cold War America Associate Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Alvin Wong Cultural Studies Lisa Lowe, Yingjin Zhang Queerness and Chinese Modernity: The Politics of Reading Between East and East Assistant Professor, Comparative Literature, University of Hong Kong
Yeesheen Yang Cultural Studies Ari Heinrich, Yingjin Zhang Organ Ensembles: Medicalization, Modernity and Horror in 19th and 20th Century Narratives of the Body and its Parts Senior Project Manager,


Alumnus Section Committee Chair(s) Title of Dissertation Where they are now
Caralyn Bialo English Literature Louis Montrose "Measures Meet for Every Sort": The Social Dynamics of Late-Elizabethan Genre Associate Professor, English, Manhattanville College
Donald Campbell Cultural Studies Michael Davidson Reinventing the Self: The Construction and Consumption of Identity Within Transatlantic Modernism
Kimberly Chung Comparative Literature Jin-kyung Lee, Lisa Yoneyama Mass Politics and Visual Culture: Proletarian Literature of 1920s and 1930s Colonial Korea Korea Foundation Assistant Professor of Korean Studies, McGill University, Canada
Melissa Hidalgo Cultural Studies Shelley Streeby Schooling La Raza: A Chicana/o Cultural History of Education, 1968-2008 Adjunct Faculty, Women's and Gender Studies, CSU Long Beach and CSU Fullerton; author and cultural critic
John Higgins English Literature Louis Montrose Authority from his Majesty: Drama and Popular Politics in Early Modern England Lecturer, English, Case Western Reserve University
Adam Lewis Cultural Studies Shelley Streeby Naturalizing Empire: Citizenship, Sovereignty, and Antebellum American Literature Lecturer, Cultural Studies, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Viviana Macmanus Cultural Studies Max ParraLuis Martín-Cabrera Gendering the State of Exception: The Politics of Gender and the Production of Language in Latin American Carceral Narratives Assistant Professor of Spanish, Occidental College
Axel Montepeque Spanish Literature Rosaura Sánchez Guatemaltequidad: Indians and Ladinos in the Guatemalan Imaginary Assistant Professor of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures, CSU Northridge
Dixa Ramirez Comparative Literature Sara Johnson Dominicanas Presentes: Gender, Migration, and History's Legacy in Dominican Literature Associate Professor of American Studies and English, Brown University
Amanda Solomon Amorao English Literature Jody BlancoRosemary George Managing the (Post)Colonial: Race, Gender and Sexuality in Literary Texts of the Philippine Commonwealth Assistant Teaching Professor and Director of Dimensions of Culture Writing Program, UCSD
Elle Weatherup Comparative Literature Winifred WoodhullCamille Forbes Understanding Dandyism in Three Acts: A Comparison of the Revolutionary Performances of Beau Brummell, George Walker, and Zoot Suit Culture Interim Coordinator, Adult Education Program, Copper Mountain Community College