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MFA Good News


Winter 2024


Alexis Aceves Garcia

Alexis has been named an Outpost Fellow for 2024 and will be spending the whole month of September in Southern Vermont!

Oluyemisi Bolonduro

Oluyemisi has been selected as a summer instructor with Academic Connections. They will be teaching a course on literary adaptations to high schoolers in the residential program.

Aditi Kini

Aditi published a chapbook, Oriental Cyborg: 

Rose Pacult

Rose’s writing about the band Sohodolls' is featured in March Dancess 00's Edition, a competitive tournament for essayists writing on music. This tournament is put together by the team Megan Campbell and Ander Monson.

Izzy (Isadora) Petrovsky

Izzy (Isadora) has published her zine “Turn & Run”with Bitter Pill Press. It is a sapphic retelling of the Orpheus and Eurydice myth with original illustrations by Izzy.


Amy Sara Carroll

Scene 1, An Area (CDM)X Play” of Three Echologies, cowritten and with a live and live-streamed collaborative rehearsal/“happening” event with Ricardo Dominguez, Césaire Carroll-Domínguez, and the art collective Unidad de Conciencias Colectivas Terrestres, Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil (featured as one of Mexico City’s “Noche de Museos” monthly events), Mexico City, MX, February 2022

Various poems and “My/Lar” displayed in conjunction with “Scene 2, ‘Vibrant Spheres’/Planetary Echologies” of Three Echologies with various performers, #RetroColectiva Gallery QI exhibition, UCSD, La Jolla, CA, May 2022 

Scene 3, ECO//ECHO//ECCO: Palindrone flight facilitation” of Three Echologies, script authored by Carroll, sound score by Trevor Henthorn, drone technology coordinated by Ricardo Dominguez, Brett Stalbaum, Gustavo Martínez, and Doreen Ríos, pamphlet by Doreen Ríos and Ricardo Sierra, perfomed by Carroll, Ricardo Dominguez, Césaire Carroll-Domínguez, Trevor Henthorn, Brett Stalbaum, Gustavo Martínez and Doreen Ríos and Ricardo Sierra, MexiCali Biennial, October 15, 2023 Mexicali-Calexico border wall performance, and installation in Planta Libre Arte Experimental, October-December 2023

For the final scene, see the video documentation of the MexiCali Biennial’s border activations to get a sense of the staging of the scene:

Lily Hoang

Lily’s 7th book, The Mute Kids, will be released at AWP in Kansas City. In this book, Lily asked 150+ writers for a sentence or stanza, which she rewrote into a micro-fairy tale. 

She has two more books forthcoming, too: A Knock at the Door (fairy tales) will be published by Texas Review Press in 2024, and her collaborative collection with Vi Khi Nao, Timber & Lụa, is forthcoming in 2025 with Red Hen Press. 

Lily is a member of She Who Has No Master(s), a collective of Vietnamese women and non-binary writers, and SWHNM recently placed 3rd in the 2024 Gold Futures Challenge, earning them $75K to make collaborative art! 

Spring 2023


Alexis Aceves Garcia

Alexis has been accepted into the 2023 Tin House Summer Workshop. They will be workshopping their manuscript in-progress with Vanessa Angélica Villarreal.

Maya Beck

Maya has been selected for the 2023 Clarion Workshop and has been awarded a 2023 BSP Graduate Student Travel and Research Award in the amount of $2500.00.

Matt Ford

Matt has been awarded a 2023 BSP Graduate Student Travel and Research Award again this year in the amount of $1000.00. 

Adrienne Herr

Adrienne's works (sound installation + text-based sculpture) were exhibited at Scherben Scherben Gallery in Berlin, Germany. Excerpts from Adrienne's writing projects are forthcoming in Fence #41.

Aditi Kini

Aditi's "baby doll!" is available in an online preview of Hayden's Ferry Review's summer Issue 72:

Alaric López

Alaric's has translated, with Paula Cucurella, a book of Cucurella's poetry, Los últimos inanes días / The last inane days. The bilingual edition has been published by DobleAEditores in Chile:

Olga Petrus

Olga has been accepted to the EcoPoetics workshop with the Topological Poetics Research Institute affiliated with U of Buffalo. Her chapbook has been published by Tilted House

Becca Rae Rose

Becca has a chapbook coming out, scheduled to be released this December, with PANK books. It’s called Tool, Shark, Teeth. 

Emily Yang

Emily was nominated for the Best New Poets anthology by Foglifter, the Pushcart Prize by Passages North, and also named a finalist for the 2023 Waasnode Short Fiction Prize at Passages North. Emily was also waitlisted from the Lambda Literary Retreat for Speculative Fiction.


Kazim Ali

Kazim's Sukun: New and Selected Poems will be released by Wesleyan University Press in September.

Ben Doller

Selections from Ben's current project, THEND, are appearing in journals such as Boston ReviewDenver Quarterly, and ActionSpectacle.

Jac Jemc

Jac is a 2023 Guggenheim Fellow in Fiction.

Jac Jemc

Jac's novel, Empty Theatre: A Novel; Or The Lives Of King Ludwig II Of Bavaria And Empress Sisi Of Austria, Queen Of Hungary, Cousins, In Their Pursuit Of Connection And Beauty Despite The Expectations Placed On Them Because Of The Exceptional Good Fortune Of Their Status As Beloved National Figures. With Speculation Into The Mysterious Nature Of Their Deaths, was released in February.

Brandon Som

Brandon's new book, Tripas, is out:

Marco Wilkinson

Marco 's "How Do You Feel Today?" has been published in the anthology Solastalgia: An Anthology of Emotion in a Disappearing World.



Check back for updates.

Spring 2023

<h3>Robin Coste Lewis</h3>
<p>Wednesday, May 17, Reading, PEB 721 5-7 p.m.<br />Monday, May 22, Image, Text, Archive PEB 721 2-4 p.m.<br /><span>RSVP</span><span> </span><span>by May 12 at</span><span> </span><span><a href=""></a> </span></p>
<p>The Black Studies Project and The New Writing Series present The Sherley Anne Williams Writing Residency featuring poet Robin Coste Lewis, winner of National Book Book Award for Poetry (2015).</p>
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