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PhD Program Handbook

The Department of Literature Ph.D. Program is interdisciplinary in focus, although students may write dissertations on any topic or in any field in which members of the faculty do research. The Program allows students a large measure of independence; at the same time it encourages a community of scholar-critics whose concerns are not restricted to any single literature or critical tradition. The Doctoral Program Handbook contains detailed information about program requirements, timelines, and academic policies. 

Handbook Contents

  1. UCSD Graduate Studies Overview
  2. Literature Department & PhD Program Overview
  3. Financial Support
  4. Course Planning
  5. Year 1: Requirements, Expectations & Deadlines
  6. Year 2: Requirements, Expectations & Deadlines
  7. Year 3: Requirements, Expectations & Deadlines
  8. Years 4, 5, & 6: Requirements, Expectations & Deadlines
  9. Staying Past Year 6
  10. Dissertation Defense & Graduation
  11. After the PhD
Geraldine Fiss
Director of Doctoral Studies
Professor Géraldine Fiss