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Department Resources

Updated September 2020

Mailboxes and Internal Communication

You will be assigned a mailbox in the Graduate Student Lounge, where you will receive both U.S. mail and departmental information in the form of memos, flyers, and announcements. The Graduate Office is committed to saving paper and we will communicate with you primarily through email. Please check your mailbox and UCSD email regularly so that you will be up-to-date on departmental events and announcements.

Email Account

UCSD students are provided with a free email account. Once you have set up your UCSD email address, please be sure to check it often. At UCSD, email correspondence sent to your account is considered official communication and a number of campus offices will communicate with you via this method. 

The Literature Department will only communicate with students via their UCSD email address, and messages received from non-UCSD email accounts of current students will be returned to the sender.


The UCSD Literature Department uses a listserv (LitPhD-l) for the vast majority of communications with graduate students. This is a mandatory list, which is maintained by the department.  Students will be removed from this mailing list when they graduate or withdraw from the program.

Graduate Lounge

The Graduate Lounge is currently located in 6th College Bldg 1/Ridge Walk Room 360.  The Graduate Lounge houses your mailbox, a refrigerator, a microwave oven, a toaster and a sink. Please help keep these facilities neat and clean--discard your trash, wipe out the sink and microwave after you use them, and retrieve your items from the refrigerator promptly. The graduate staff uses the lounge as a communication center. Here you will find poster copies of various announcements (please check the listserv for the bulk of these notices); periodicals and information about fellowships. Please be considerate of your fellow students and do not remove information from the room.

Copier Room

The copier room, which contains a photocopy machine, is always open and available for your use. If you have difficulty with the equipment, or need more paper, please notify the Graduate Office. The photocopy machines allow you to scan a document in PDF format and email to yourself.

By paying a $10 refundable fee, you may activate your student ID card for use in any copy machine on campus. The activation fee is payable by personal check (UC Regents) or cash. Your signature on a copier service agreement is required. Please see the Business Office, 6th College Bldg 1/Ridge Walk Room 252, for assistance. You will be billed monthly for copying charges.

Department Publicity

The Department posts events, new publications, achievements and accomplishments, and more on our Web Page.  We also send messages to our self-subscribe events listserv (litnotices-l). 

Please send content any time using the PUBLICITY REQUEST FORM located here:  We screen submissions and make every attempt to publish news about new publications, events, etc… within 72 hours of receipt.

If you want news and information sent to your inbox, if you haven’t already done so, subscribe to our litnotices-l listserv