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2018 Writing Awards Winners: Chezyrome David, Laurel Wilkinson, Serena Baik

Awards & Writing Contests

Spring is the time for the Department of Literature’s annual Stewart Prize in Poetry ($300 prize) and Milton Saier Award in Fiction ($1,000 prize) writing competitions, open to all UCSD undergraduates.

You may submit up to 5 poems for the Stewart Prize and one piece of fiction (15 pages max) for the Saier Award. More detailed information is included on the entry forms, which are available in the Literature Undergraduate Office.


The winners will be announced at the Spring Celebration of the Arts. We hope to see you there.

Winners: 2019

Burckhardt Honors Award in Literary/Cultural Criticism
Winner: Christian Gonzalez Reyes

Dr. Milton H. Saier, Sr. Memorial Award in Fiction
Winner: Sabrina Chen

Stewart Prize in Poetry
Winner: Sarah Wernher

Sherley Williams Memorial Award in Literary Arts
Winner: Elizabeth Pang

"It may sound awfully cliché, but if you're a writer, studying and living in Paris pretty much guarantees unlimited inspiration. But I imagine that this will be the case studying abroad in any big city, and faced with a new situation."

- Gaelle Faure, Literature/Writing Major, '06
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Undergraduate Advisor
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Director Undergraduate Studies:
Margaret Loose