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Studying Abroad in Literature

Study abroad can significantly enhance a student’s major, particularly in ways in which it relates to international issues. Literature students are encouraged to study abroad before their senior year. Students who take Education Abroad Program or Opportunities Abroad Program (EAP/OAP) courses in a country appropriate to their major may use up to five upper-division courses to satisfy major requirements and up to three toward a minor. For composite majors in literature, six courses from abroad may apply, with no more than four toward either one of the two concentrations. These must be approved by the department, and students should meet with an advisor to identify appropriate courses before going abroad.

Once an EAP course has been petitioned and approved for credit towards a Literature major or minor requirement, we add it to our list of pre-approved courses.  More information about the pre-approved course list can be found below.

Planning for Study Abroad...

When considering studying abroad, there are several resources to consider:

  • the Literature Undergraduate Advisor, to confirm your remaining major (or minor) requirements
  • the "Pre-approved EAP Courses for Literature" section below, to see which courses have already been approved for credit towards Literature major (or minor) requirements
  • the Study Abroad Office to explore program options and details

Once you have met with a Study Abroad Advisor and created a plan, you will need to get your Academic Planning Form reviewed and signed by a Literature Advisor.  Please visit us during walk-in advising hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-1pm & 2pm-4pm) to get this form reviewed. 


Keep your syllabus and any graded papers or exams during your time abroad. You will need these to petition for credit once you return (even if the course is on the "pre-approved" course list).

Getting Credit Once You Return...


We cannot start the process of reviewing your study abroad coursework for credit until the transcript has posted to your academic history.
Once, the coursework has posted to your academic history, your courses will need to be reviewed by the Literature Department. For this review process, you will need to bring your course syllabus and any graded papers or exams you might have in to the Undergraduate Advisor.  
If the course is not on a "Pre-Approved EAP Courses for Literature" list, it will need to be petitioned for major (or minor) credit.  The department will review the syllabus and any coursework to determine if the course is equivalent to the requested credit.  If a petition is approved for an EAP program, that course will be added to our pre-approved list for future students to use.  All courses being petitioned will need to meet the following minimum requirements:
  • UC-transferable
  • Upper Division (unless the request is for credit towards one of our lower division courses)
  • At least 4 units
  • Earned a C- grade or better
  • Course was conducted in the applicable language
    • For instance, a course must be completely conducted in Spanish to receive credit as an upper division LTSP course (LTSP 1xx).
    • If the course is not taught in that language, the course will need to be petitioned for different credit.  The Undergraduate Advisor can help explain all the options.
If the course is on a "Pre-Approved EAP Courses for Literature" list, it may still be denied for major (or minor) credit if it does not meet the minimum requirements mentioned above.  In addition, the course will be reviewed to confirm that the content did not differ significantly from the course description.  If the course is significantly different, it may need to be petitioned for different credit than what has been previously approved.  The Undergraduate Advisor can help explain all the options.

Pre-Approved EAP Courses for Literature

Here you will find our lists of "pre-approved" study abroad courses (EAP only).  These are courses that UC students have taken in the recent past, which have been approved by Literature to count towards major and minor requirements.  Students may take these same classes and receive the credit listed, as long as the minimum requirements are met (see the "Getting Credit Once You Return..." section above).  Alternately, students can explore these lists to get a better idea of the types of courses that are likely to be approved.  The lists below represent just a small sample of what is available to students in the many study abroad programs, so this list is a starting point for choosing classes.  Don't limit yourself!  Talk to the advisors at Study Abroad and the advisors in Literature for help narrowing down your choices.  

Undergrad Advising

Current students must use the VAC (valid student PID required) or in-person advising. We cannot advise students via email or over the phone (to preserve student privacy standards).

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