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Erin Suzuki

Assistant Professor

Primary Office: Contact Department
Primary Phone: Contact Department
Quarterly Office Hours

Email: esuzuki@ucsd.edu

Research interests: Asian American literature, Pacific Island literatures, American literature 1850-present, transpacific studies

Erin Suzuki received her BA from Brown University and her PhD from UCLA. She specializes in Asian American and Pacific Island literatures. Her research focuses on indigenous, immigrant, and colonial literatures from around the Pacific, and her current book project looks at the way that the recurrence of the traveler as both character and motif in Pacific literatures reimagines the region as a networked space shaped by multiple narrative histories. She is also interested in the intersections between postcolonial theory and contemporary Asian American and ethnic American literatures.

Selected Publications:

"Cheesiness as Neocolonial Aesthetic." Amerasia Journal 40.2 (2014), 46-66.

"Transpacific." Routledge Companion to Asian American and Pacific Island Literatures, ed. Rachel Lee. New York: Routledge (2014), 352-364.

"Genealogy and Geography in Patricia Grace’s Tu." MFS Modern Fiction Studies 58.1 (Spring 2012), 112-127<

"Haunted Homelands: Negotiating Locality in Father of the Four Passages." MFS Modern Fiction Studies 56.1 (Spring 2010), 160-182

"Frauds and Gods: The Politics of Religion in Melville’s Omoo and Mardi." ESQ: A Journal of the American Renaissance 53.4 (2007), 360-386

"Consuming Desires: Melancholia and Consumption in Blu’s Hanging." MELUS 31.1 (Spring 2006), 35-52

"Lost in Translation: Reconsidering Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Kurosawa’s Throne of Blood." Literature/Film Quarterly 34.2 (2006), 93-100.