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The James K. Binder Lectureship in Literature

The James K. Binder Lectureship in Literature is made possible by the late Mr. Binder's generous bequest and honors his wishes that we bring leading European intellectuals to UCSD to provide a forum for rigorous discussions of literary topics.

  • 2023 (Italy) - Amir Issaa: «Rap music changed my life»: the pedagogical importance of rap 
  • 2023 (Spain) - Icíar Bollaín: Another Gaze, other stories
  • 2019 (Italy) - Gabriella Ghermandi: Presenting "Queen of Flowers and Pearls" performance
  • 2018 (Germany) - Barbara Mittler: Feeling Matters: Gender Interactions and the Making of Cultural Memory in China's Vernacular Media, 1900s-2000s 
  • 2017 (France) - Martin Barnier: Projection and sound for film before 1914
  • 2016 (Germany) – Angelina Maccarone: Subject & Subjectivity in Making Films
  • 2015 (Italy) – Dagmawi Yimer: Names and Bodies: tales from the other side of the sea
  • 2015 (Spain) – Mercedes Garcia-Arenal: Is Arabic a Spanish Language? The Uses of Arabic in Early Modern Spain
  • 2014 (Italy) – Franco Berardi: Abstraction and Poetry
  • 2014 (Italy) – Serenella Iovino: Death(s) in Venice: Bodies and the Discourse of Pollution from Thomas Mann to Porto Marghera
  • 2013 (France) - Roger Chartier: From the Writer's Hand to the Printer's Mind. Who is an Author in Early Modern Europe?
  • 2010 (Italy) - Mario Biagioli: Inventing Invention: Galileo's Telescope Between Science and Craft
  • 2009 (Spain) - Almudena Grandes: Literature and Memory, a writer's journey
  • 2007 (Spain) - Belen Gopegui:  A Gunshot in the Middle of a Concert. On the Political in the Novel
  • 2006 (Italy) - Gianni Celati: Fillini on the Italian Male
  • 2005 (France) - Tzvetan Todorov: The Replacement of Ethics by Aesthetics
  • 2005 (Germany) - Klaus R. Scherpe: How German is It, and How American?: Ironic Replays in Literature