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Careers in Literature 

Literature majors develop skills and perspectives that prepare them for careers in education and numerous other professions. The writing, analytical, and cultural breadth of majors makes them attractive as preparation for professional schools as well as advanced graduate studies. A degree in literature provides a strong background for the LSAT and law school. Medical schools seek out students who are prepared not only in the sciences, but also in the humanities and writing. The business world seeks college-trained English majors, and international corporations actively recruit students with a specialty in French, German, Italian, Russian, or Spanish. Literature majors’ skills also prepare them for work in advertising, editing, publishing, journalism, communications, mass media, and other professions where writers and editors are in demand. The knowledge of a second language and culture provides literature majors with a decided career advantage.

Graduates Survey

UC San Diego’s Career Services Center surveyed baccalaureate graduates who completed their degrees between December 2010 and June 2011. Sixty-eight percent (910) of the total respondents reporting outcomes found permanent employment in a wide range of fields, while 32% (426) were admitted to professional or graduate school.

Did you know?

The study of literature has long been considered an ideal preparation for law school.

According to Harvard Alumni Magazine, literature majors outnumber Biology majors for admittance to medical schools in the United States.

Tech industries are eager to find employees with well developed writing skills and cultural knowledge, not just for jobs in editing and program writing, but for creative tasks such as website production.

The business world and international corporations actively recruit students with a specialty in another language.
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