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While the campus is currently operating remotely, we are still available to help.
If you have any questions for our advising staff, please contact us online:

We appreciate your flexibility, and we hope everyone stays healthy. If/when we are able to re-open in-person advising, we will update you.


Administrative Staff

Nancy Ho-Wu Management Services Officer Room 128, (858) 534-3216
Derrick Chin Administrative Coordinator Room 130, (858) 534-4618
Michael Gates IT Lead Room 129, (858) 534-3214

Academic Files Staff

Samantha Barlow Rolon Academic Personnel Analyst Room 114, (858) 534-3215
Heather Beltran Lecturer and Visting Faculty Coordinator Room 111, (858) 534-8683

Business Staff

Danica Chan Financial Manager Room 113, (858) 534-1163
Jesus Valencia Financial Assistant Room 112, (858) 534-8685

Student Affairs Staff

Alyssa Simons Student Affairs Coordinator Room 116, (858) 534-2739
litgrad@ucsd.edu  PhD Coordinator Room 115, (858) 534-3217
mfawriting@ucsd.edu  MFA Coordinator Room 128, (858) 534-3216
religion@ucsd.edu  Program of Religion Coordinator Room 128, (858) 534-3216
Nicholas Wilson Undergraduate Advisor Room 117, (858) 534-8681
Gwendolyn Maley Student Affairs Assistant Room 110, (858) 534-3210

Other Helpful Email Addresses

Instructor Course Material Print Requests:

Update - Undergraduate Office:
Please use the Virtual Advising Center to contact the Undergraduate Office for advising.

Graduate Office:

Department Chair: