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 Recent Alumni Publications

Fantasy book cover

by Kim-Anh Schreiber

Sidebrow Books (2020)

of color book cover

of colour
by Katherine Agyemaa Agard

Essay Press (2020)

Clap for Me book cover

Clap for Me That's Not Me
by Paola Capó-García

Rescue Press (2018)

Circus Plus the Skin book cover

Circus + the Skin
by Keith McCleary

Kraken Press (2018)

Reptilia book cover

by Hanna Tawater

Ayahuasca Publishing (2018)

Empire of Glass book cover

Empire of Glass
by Kaitlin Solimine

Ig Publishing (2017)

The Rest is Censored book cover

The Rest is Censored
by K. Lorraine Graham

Bloof Books (2017)

Ford Over book cover

Ford Over
by John Pluecker

Noemi Press (2016)

Pool Party Trap Loop book cover

Pool Party Trap Loop
by Ben Segal

Queen's Ferry Press (2015)