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Collage of MFA Faculty

MFA Faculty


  • Kazim Ali

    Kazim Ali


    MFA, New York University

    Teaching interests: Poetry, cross-genre and hybrid writing, dance and performance studies, border studies, indigenous studies, translation theory and practice, literature and social movements.

  • Amy Sara Carroll

    Amy Sara Carroll

    Associate Professor

    PhD, Duke University
    MFA, Cornell University

    Teaching interests: 20th and 21st-century Latin/x American art, literature, and cinema; transnational American and border studies; critical theory; cultural studies; ethnic studies; gender and sexuality studies; creative writing: poetry, creative non-fiction, performance, visual and e-literatures, cross-genre writing.

  • Ben Doller

    Ben Doller

    Associate Professor

    MFA, University of Iowa

    Teaching interests: Genre intersections, experimental writing, the politics of form, performance and sound poetries, typography and graphic design, small press publishing.

  • Camille Forbes, Director

    Camille Forbes, Director

    Associate Professor

    PhD, Harvard University

    Teaching interests: Short story, flash fiction, creative nonfiction, historical fiction.

  • Lily Hoàng

    Lily Hoàng

    Associate Professor

    MFA, University of Notre Dame

    Teaching interests: Fiction, non-fiction, flash prose, fairy tales, experimental forms.

  • Jac Jemc

    Jac Jemc

    Associate Teaching Professor

    MFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

    Teaching interests: Fiction, experimental forms, and speculative fiction.

  • Casandra Lopez

    Casandra Lopez

    Assistant Professor

  • Brandon Som

    Brandon Som

    Associate Professor

    PhD, Literature and Creative Writing, University of Southern California; MFA, Poetry, University of Pittsburgh

    Teaching interests: 20th- and 21st century poetry, transpacific literature, Asian-American and Chicanx poetry, citational poetics, sound studies

  • Anna Joy Springer

    Anna Joy Springer

    Associate Professor

    MFA, Brown University

    Teaching interests: Graphic texts and comics, punk rock, feminist ethics, anti-establishment literatures, Buddhist praxis, radical literary arts pedagogies.

  • Marco Wilkinson

    Marco Wilkinson

    Assistant Professor

    MFA, University of Southern Maine

    Teaching interests: Creative nonfiction, ecopoetics, lyric prose, Latinx literature, and queer literature.

Affiliated Faculty

  • Carol Arcos Herrera

    Carol Arcos Herrera

    Assistant Professor

    PhD, University of Chile

    Teaching interests: 20th-century and contemporary Chilean and Latin American literature, gender, sexuality, and feminist studies, psychoanalysis, activism and social movements.

  • Gabriel Bámgbósé

    Gabriel Bámgbósé

    Assistant Professor

    PhD, Rutgers University, New Brunswick

    Teaching interests: Poetry and comparative poetics; Black modernist poetics and philosophy; continental, archipelagic, and diasporic African literatures; African women’s poetry; African folklore and popular culture; Black/African feminist, postcolonial, and decolonial thoughts; translation and critical literacy studies.

  • John D. Blanco

    John D. Blanco

    Associate Professor

    PhD, UC Berkeley

    Teaching interests: 16th-19th-century Spanish Empire in the Americas and the Philippines, colonial roots of globalization, comparative forms of imperialism and anti-colonial struggles, postcolonial studies, literary/cultural histories of the Philippines and its diaspora.

  • José Ignacio Carvajal Regidor

    José Ignacio Carvajal Regidor

    Assistant Professor

    PhD, University of Texas at Austin

    Teaching interests: Indigenous responses to colonialism and evangelization during the early colonial period; pedagogical approaches to Indigenous language learning; Central American literatures and cultures; Poetry; Translation, and Digital Humanities.

  • Gloria Elizabeth Chacon

    Gloria Elizabeth Chacon

    Associate Professor

    PhD, UC Santa Cruz

    Teaching interests: Indigenous literatures of the Americas, Chican@/Latin@ literary and cultural movements, Central American poetics and politics, US Central Americans, and Latin American literary and cultural theories.

  • Alain J.-J. Cohen

    Alain J.-J. Cohen


    PhD, UC Los Angeles

    Teaching interests: Clinical and theoretical psychoanalysis, film studies, aesthetics and philosophy, literary theory, semiotics.

  • Géraldine Fiss

    Géraldine Fiss

    Associate Professor

    PhD, Harvard University

    Teaching interests: Early modern, modern and contemporary Chinese literature, intellectual history and film; Cultural translation in East Asia; East-West literary, aesthetic and cinematic relations; Modern and contemporary Chinese poetry; Chinese and transnational modernisms; The fantastic in East Asian literature and film; Chinese women's literature and film, East Asian ecocriticism.

  • Amelia Glaser

    Amelia Glaser


    PhD, Stanford University

    Teaching interests: 19th- and 20th-century Russian literature, modern Yiddish literature, comparative literature, translation studies, transnational Jewish literature, the literatures of Ukraine.

  • Shelley S. Streeby

    Shelley S. Streeby


    PhD, UC Berkeley

    Teaching interests: American Studies, Critical Ethnic Studies, speculative fiction, social movements led by Indigenous people and people of color, radical transnational movements of the 1880s-1920s, climate change, digital humanities, transnationalism.

  • Kathryn Walkiewicz

    Kathryn Walkiewicz

    Assistant Professor

    PhD, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

    Teaching interests: Native American and Indigenous studies, early U.S. literature and culture, nineteenth-century literature and culture, hemispheric studies, print culture, and formations of U.S. empire.