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Appointments: Academic Year 2023-2024

Faculty Appointments

Department Chair: Kazim Ali
Vice-Chair: Katie Walkiewicz
Director of Doctoral Studies: Géraldine Fiss
Doctoral Affairs Committee: Géraldine Fiss (chair), Jody Blanco, Todd Kontje

Faculty Advisors

Comparative Literature: Nina Zhiri
Literature/Cultural Studies: Hoàng Nguyễn (F), Joo Ok Kim (WS)
Literatures in English: Meg Wesling
Literatures in Spanish: Luis Martín-Cabrera (F), Gloria Chacon (WS)

Literature Graduate Student Committee (LGSC) Representatives

Alick McCallum Chair
Camille Uglow Co-Chair
Olga Petrus MFA Rep
Yomira Varela Guadiana Comparative Lit Rep
Nilufar Karimi Cultural Studies Rep
Phuong Vuong English Lit Rep
Veronica Perez Garcia Spanish Lit Rep

Graduate & Professional Student Association (GPSA) Representatives

Melina Jung
Bias Collins