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How do I get into the Faculty Lounge or Mail Room?

These two rooms have Omnilock readers on the door. To unlock the door, simply enter the code you have been assigned, or swipe your ID card (picture facing you) into the top of the Omnilock Reader. When the green light flashes, please open the door.

My office is too hot/too cold

The number to call to report AC/heating issues is: (858) 534-2930 (Facilities Mangement Referral Desk):

For example (using room 352):

"Hello, I'm calling from Room 352 of the Literature Building. I wish to report a loss of heat. The fan coil for my zone is FC 3-4, located in Room 353; the thermostat for my zone is in Room 347. "


Does Building Services Clean every office at night, vacuuming, emtpying trash, dusting, etc?

From the Facilities Management Website:

"Yes, we do clean every night, but we perform different functions each evening. Refer to our List of UCSD Cleaning Services for a detailed daily schedule."

Help! I'm locked out of my office!

Our Student Affairs Assistant is the Department's Key Control Representative. If that person is not available, call the lock shop (858) 534-2930 from 7:00 am to 4:30 pm weekdays. After 4:30 pm and before 7:00 am weekdays, and all day on the weekends, call the campus Police Department (858) 534-4357. You must show identification to both Facilities Management and the police.

I have more questions about Facilities Management at UCSD


It is recommended that faculty members lock their offices, close their windows, and turn off any mobile A/C and/or fan unit whenever they leave an office, even if for a brief time. Those who work late or on weekends should make sure the outer doors to the building are locked as well. First-floor windows should also be closed when the room is left unattended. In case of a theft, the Campus Police should be contacted (858-534-HELP) and Nancy Ho-Wu should be notified.

Repair Requests

Contact Danica Chan for any facilities-related repair issues.

If you are on campus outside of normal working hours and you need immediate assistance, contact Facilities Management.

Facilities Management to perform repairs on the Fire Sprinkler System at the Literature Building Thursday, October 2 12:00 pm to October 3 at 4:00 pm [Link to Notice (PDF)]

Electrical Stage Alerts
Electrical Stage Alerts

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