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Lecturers 2021-2022

Adriana De Marchi Gherini
Jeyseon Lee
Catherine Ploye
Rebecca Wells

Affiliated Faculty 2021-2022

Summer 2022
Associate-In Courses Office Email
Jessica Aguilar LTEN 171 (S222) TBD jea035@ucsd.edu 
Meaghan Baril RELI 189 (S222) TBD mbaril@ucsd.edu 
Steven Beardsley LTEN 181 (S122), LTCS 119 (S222) TBD sbeardsl@ucsd.edu 
Mayra Cortes LTCS 141 (S222) TBD m8cortes@ucsd.edu 
Marisol Cuong LTEN 171 (S122) TBD mcuong@ucsd.edu 
Hannah Doermann LTWL 116 (S122) TBD hdoerman@ucsd.edu 
Ying Guo LTEA 120A (S222) TBD yiguo@ucsd.edu 
Erik Homenick LTCS 131 (S222) TBD ehomenic@ucsd.edu 
Ningning Huang LTEN 181 (S222) TBD nih007@ucsd.edu 
Yui Kasane LTCS 120 (S222) TBD ykasane@ucsd.edu 
Celine Khoury LTEN 149 (S122) TBD cjkhoury@ucsd.edu 
Aditi Kini LTWR 126 (S122) TBD ankini@ucsd.edu 
Neon Mashurov LTWR 115 (S222) TBD nmashuro@ucsd.edu 
Julia Moncur LTWR 100 (S222) TBD jmoncur@ucsd.edu 
Katherine Murray LTEN 159 (S122) TBD kneipris@ucsd.edu 
Laurie Nies LTEN 154 (S222) TBD lnies@ucsd.edu 
Heather Paulson LTEN 148 (S122) TBD hpaulson@ucsd.edu 
Lucien Spect LTWR 106 (S122) TBD leherzog@ucsd.edu 
Marina Vlahakis LTEN 189 (S222) TBD mvlahaki@ucsd.edu 
Shannon Welch LTEA 132 (S122) TBD s2welch@ucsd.edu 

Spring 2022
Lecturer Courses Office Email
Eduardo Caro Melendez LTSP 2A Remote ecaromelendez@ucsd.edu 
Hye Jin Cho LTKO 1C Remote hjcho@ucsd.edu 
Noelia Dominguez LTSP 2C RWAC 0355 nodominguez@ucsd.edu 
Eva Fischer-Grunski LTGM 2C RWAC 0355 ekfischergrunski@ucsd.edu  
Kourtney Murray LTGK 3, LTLA 3 Remote kkmurray@ucsd.edu 
Cindy Ok LTWR 102, LTWR 143 RWAC 0355 cjok@ucsd.edu 
Tera Reid-Olds LTIT 12BR Remote treidolds@ucsd.edu 
Angel Ruiz Blanco LTSP 2C, Spanish Language Coodinator Remote aruizblanco@ucsd.edu 
Marco Wilkinson LTWR 115, LTWR 122, LTWR 126 Remote m2wilkinson@ucsd.edu 
Nancy Yim LTKO 1C Remote nhyim@ucsd.edu 
Associate-In Courses Office Email
Hannah Doermann LTWL 123 RWAC 0355 hdoerman@ucsd.edu 
Andrea Zelaya LTSP 171 Remote azzelaya@ucsd.edu 

Winter 2022
Lecturer Courses Email
Eduardo Caro Melendez LTSP 2C ecaromelendez@ucsd.edu 
Hye Jin Cho LTKO 1B hjcho@ucsd.edu 
Noelia Dominguez LTSP 2B nodominguez@ucsd.edu 
Eva Fischer-Grunski LTGM 2B ekfischergrunski@ucsd.edu  
Kourtney Murray LTGK 2, LTLA 2 kkmurray@ucsd.edu 
Sasha Razor LTEU 154/LTRU 150 srazor@ucsd.edu 
Tera Reid-Olds LTIT 12AR treidolds@ucsd.edu 
Angel Ruiz Blanco LTSP 2E, Spanish Language Coodinator aruizblanco@ucsd.edu 
Marco Wilkinson LTWR 100, LTWR 102 m2wilkinson@ucsd.edu 
Nancy Yim LTKO 1B nhyim@ucsd.edu 

Fall 2021
Lecturer Courses Email
Eduardo Caro Melendez LTSP 2A ecaromelendez@ucsd.edu 
Hye Jin Cho LTKO 1A hjcho@ucsd.edu 
Noelia Dominguez LTSP 2B, LTSP 2D nodominguez@ucsd.edu 
Eva Fischer-Grunski LTGM 2A ekfischergrunski@ucsd.edu  
Ji Yun Jung LTKO 2A j2jung@ucsd.edu 
Hyunjung Lee LTKO 1A hyl015@ucsd.edu
Kourtney Murray LTLA 1 kkmurray@ucsd.edu 
Tera Reid-Olds LTWL 176 treidolds@ucsd.edu 
Angel Ruiz Blanco LTSP 2D, Spanish Language Coodinator aruizblanco@ucsd.edu 
Eunsun Tark LTKO 2A etark@ucsd.edu
Nancy Yim LTKO 1A nhyim@ucsd.edu 

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Executive Committee

Department Chair:
Kazim Ali
Todd Kontje
Executive Committee Members:
Jac Jemc
Andrea Mendoza
Lisa Lampert-Weissig (FA21 & WI22) Megan Wesling (SP22)

Heads of Section

Comparative Literature:
Nina Zhiri
Cultural Studies:
Amy Sara Carroll
Daniel Vitkus
Luis Martin-Cabrera (FW)
Gloria Chacon (S)
World Literature and Culture:
Todd Kontje
Jac Jemc