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Lecturers 2019-2020

Adriana De Marchi Gherini Jeyseon Lee Catherine Ploye
Rebecca Wells

Affiliated Faculty 2019-2020

Spring 2020

Carol Arcos Herrera LTSP 133, LTSP 171 Office:  Remote carcoshe@ucsd.edu 
Melissa Banales LTWR 113 Office:  Remote mbanales@ucsd.edu
Rosalba Ciampi LTGK 3, LTLA 104 Office:  Remote rciampi@ucsd.edu 
Eva Fischer-Grunski LTGM 2C Office:  Remote ekfischergrunski@ucsd.edu  
Felipe Lopez LTCS 150 Office:  Remote fhlopez@ucsd.edu 
Kourtney Murray LTLA 3 Office:  Remote kkmurray@ucsd.edu​
Yelena Severina LTEU 150C/LTRU 110C Office:  Remote yseverina@ucsd.edu
Pai Wang LTCH 101 Office:  Remote paw003@ucsd.edu 
Marco Wilkinson LTWR 100, LTWR 120 Office:  Remote mawilkinson@ucsd.edu 

Winter 2020

Carol Arcos Herrera LTSP 134
Bruna Darini LTWR 102, LTWR 140
Eva Fischer-Grunski LTGM 2B
Felipe Lopez LTCS 150
Kourtney Murray LTLA 2, LTLA 103
Marco Wilkinson LTWR 126

Fall 2019

Melissa Banales LTWR 115, 119, 143  
Bruna Darini LTWR 129  
Eva Fischer-Grunski LTGM 2A   
Felipe Lopez LTCS 150  
Kourtney Murray LTLA 1, LTLA 100
Yelena Severina LTRU 150/LTEU 154  
Marco Wilkinson LTWR 113  

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Executive Committee

Department Chair:
Yingjin Zhang
Department Vice-Chair:
Meg Wesling
Elected Members:
Ben Doller
Amelia Glaser
Sal (Sarah) Nicolazzo (F),  Ameeth Vijay (WS)

Heads of Section

Sara E. Johnson
Cultural Studies:
Jin-kyung Lee
Seth Lerer
Max Parra (FW), Milos Kokotovic (S)
World Literature and Culture:
John D. Blanco
Ben Doller