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Lecturers 2023-2024

Adriana De Marchi Gherini
Eva Fischer-Grunski
Jeyseon Lee
Catherine Ploye
Rebecca Wells

Affiliated Faculty 2023-2024

Fall 2023
Lecturer Courses Email Office
Hye Jin Cho LTKO 1A  RWAC 364
Noelia Dominguez LTSP 2C, 2D  RWAC 367
Ji Yun Jung LTKO 2A  RWAC 387
Toni Lampell LTSP 2A, 2B  RWAC 367
Allie Mastromartino LTSP 2E  RWAC 367
Kourtney Murray LTGK 1, LTLA 1  RWAC 387
Eun Sun Tark LTKO 1A  RWAC 364
Nancy Yim LTKO 1A  RWAC 364

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