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Summer Research Grant Form

The award is intended to support graduate students in continuing progress toward the degree during the summer months by providing funds to be used for airfare, hotel and registration fees. Graduate students may use the award for:

  • Hotel and airfare for archival/library research trips
  • Registration fees for participation in summer workshops (e.g. NEH Summer Seminars and Institutes)
  • Hotel and airfare for trips to research and prepare for the qualifying exam
  • Hotel and airfare for dissertation research trip

Eligibility Requirements

  1. PhD students who are registered in the current year’s Spring Quarter.
  2. Students must be in good academic standing as of the current year’s Spring Quarter.
  3. Students must be within normative time (6 years) as of Fall Quarter of the next academic year.
  4. Acceptance that this award precludes other employment during the summer months.


Complete and submit the following application. It is the student’s responsibility to request the letter of support from their faculty advisor and include it here. It is also the student’s responsibility to ensure that their application is completed and all required information/attachments have been provided. Incomplete submissions will be disregarded.