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Where do I take courses in Italian?

The 2A/1D Dilemma!!

After completing LIIT 1C/CX, you have a choice between LTIT 2A (Literature Department) and LIIT 1D/DX (Linguistics Department). When making this choice, you should consider the following:

  • Both 1D/1DX and LT 2A/2B/50 review the grammar you learned in first year Italian.
  • LT 2A is an intermediate language course (not a literature course). Its aims are to develop fluency in the Italian language and to inspire enthusiasm for all aspects of Italian culture.
  • 2A is a prerequisite for 2B. Therefore, all students who are planning to take a full year of intermediate Italian should enroll in 2A during the fall. Also, all students who are enjoying their studies of Italian and think they might want to continue after the 4th quarter should enroll in 2A during the fall.
  • 1D/1DX is a culminating course that does not necessarily prepare you for 2B. Students who want to take 2A or 2B after having taken 1D/DX either have to wait until the following year or have to get special permission from the 2B instructor.
  • If you are planning to go to Bologna with EAP (a program that requires two years of Italian), taking 2A/2B/50 best ensures a two-year sequence without interruption.
  • 1D/DX has two components: Conversation and Analysis classes. You might have two different instructors and will receive two different grades.
  • 2A is taught by one instructor. You will receive one grade for 2A.
  • Both classes, 1D/DX and 2A, earn 5 units.
  • 1D/DX meets for six hours every week.
  • 2A meets for 4 hours (plus one hour of movie lab on your own time).
  • 2A/2B/50 all use the same set of textbooks. 1D/DX uses a different book. If you wanted to switch from 1D/DX into the 2-series, you would have to buy a new set of books.

Italian StudiesThe Italian Studies Program is an interdisciplinary program in the language, literature, history, music, theatre and art of Italy. Italian Studies coordinates the resources of the Departments of History, Literature, Music, Theatre and Dance, and Visual Arts, and offers students the opportunity to design a major, leading to a B.A., around the course offerings of these five departments.

Language and Culture Programs

Italian Supervisor:
Adriana DeMarchi Gherini

Course Descriptions:

1D/1DX develops all language skills while focusing on conversational competence, cultural awareness, and the grammatical functions essential for communication. 1D/DX is taught by two instructors entirely in the target language. Course activities include cultural readings, videos, resources of the Internet, and computer-based materials. For more information contact Elke Riebeling, Academic Coordinator for German and Italian Linguistics Language Program.

2A is an intermediate-level language and culture course conducted entirely in the target language. 2A includes a thorough review of grammar and continues to stress all four language skills -- speaking, listening, reading, and writing -- while introducing higher-level literacy skills. This is conducted through classroom practice and discussion of films, music videos, newspapers, websites, and cultural readings drawn from a variety of other sources.