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Stewart Prize in Poetry

Writing Contest

The Stewart Prize was established in recognition of John L. Stewart, Founding Provost of John Muir College. Professor Stewart was also a Literature professor and his move to UCSD from Dartmouth opened the way for the UCSD/Dartmouth Exchange Program. Among his accomplishments were: overseeing the development of the departments Music and Visual Arts, overseeing the building of Mandeville Auditorium, and performing in The Moldy Figs – an impromptu group of UCSD jazz lovers. The Stewart Prize was originally established in this department for entries in all forms of creative writing, except playwriting. Good writing, whatever the form, was the basis of the award. The competition is now limited to poetry.

2024 Stewart Prize in Poetry

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Award Amount: TBD
Submission Deadline: Noon on Tuesday, April 30th.

Once the contest judging is complete (by the end of May), we will contact the winners via email.

John L. Stewart

John Lincoln Stewart
UCSD News | Center

"Stewart came to UC San Diego from Dartmouth College in 1964 to take the lead in establishing arts departments on the budding campus. In 1965 he was appointed Provost of Second College, which was soon named for famed environmentalist, nature writer and Sierra Club founder John Muir. "

Stewart winner photo
2023 Winner:
Kyoko Cruz Downey
"National Curriculum", "etymology", and "sa diksyunaryo"