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Jacobo Myerston

Ph.D. (Univeristy of Chicago)

Assistant Professor

Primary Office: 6th College Bldg 1/Ridge Walk
                           Room 289
Primary Phone: Contact Department
Quarterly Office Hours

Email: jmyerston@ucsd.edu

Jacobo Myerston received his PhD from the Program in the Ancient Mediterranean World at the University of Chicago after obtaining an MA in Comparative Religion and Classics from the University of Tubingen, Germany. Jacobo is interested in questions related to literary globalization in the ancient world, and his research addresses the relationship between literatures and hermeneutics of Ancient Greece and Mesopotamia. He is also interested in the reception of Ancient Mediterranean literature by Latin American writers and the digital humanities.

"Divine Names in the Derveni Papyrus and Mesopotamian Hermeneutics." Trends in Classics 5.1 (2013): 74-110.
"Introducción a la lingüística computacional con una perspectiva interdisciplinaria" Terminómetro. Paris, 2003

In Preparation:
"Enuma eliš, Tablet I, A Digital Edition". ORACC
"Towards a Philology of Liberation: Reading Bolaño and the Classics." Forthcoming