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Jin-kyung Lee

Ph.D. (UCLA)

Associate Professor of Korean and Comparative Literature

Primary Office: Contact Department
Primary Phone: Contact Department
Quarterly Office Hours

Email: jinkyung@ucsd.edu

Section Head, Comparative Literature

Modern Korean Literature; Gender Studies; Korean Diasporic Cultures

Jin-kyung Lee received her B. A. from Cornell University and her Ph. D. from UCLA in Comparative Literature. Her research interests include nationalist culture and politics of the colonial era, militarism and development in post-colonial South Korea, representations of gender and ethnicity, Asian labor migration in South Korea and Korean diaspora.

Selected Publications:

Korean Literature, Literary Studies and Disciplinary Crossings: A Transpacific Comparative Examination, The Review of Korean Studies, Co-guest editor, Introduction. Vol. 16, No. 2 (December, 2013)

Rat Fire: Korean Stories from the Japanese Empire.  Co-editor (Ithaca: Cornell East Asia Series, 2013)

Kundae Hanguk, Chegukgwa Minjok ui Kyocharo [Modern Korea at Crossroads between Empire and Nation]. Co-editor, (Seoul: Ch’aekkwa hamkke, 2011)

Service Economies: Militarism, Sex Work and Migrant Labor in South Korea (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2010 )

"Surrogate Military, Subimperialism, and Masculinity: South Korea in the Vietnam War, 1965-1973," positions: east asia cultures critique, Vol. 17, No. 3, (Winter, 2009), 655-682

"Ethnicity,(Sub)Empire, and Transnational Labor: Asian Migrant Workers in SouthKorea and South Korean Immigrants in the US," [Minjok, hawijegukjuui,ch’ogukgajok nodong: hangukui ijunodongjadulgwa migukui hangukiminjadul] Hwanghae Munhwa (Hwanghae Culture), (Inch’on, SouthKorea: Saeol Cultural Foundation), Vol. 50(Spring 2006)

"Performative Ethnicities: Class and Culturein 1930s Colonial Korea," Seoul Journal of Korean Studies, (Seoul: KyujanggakInstitute for Korean Studies, Seoul National University),19:1 (December 2006)

"Immigrant/Migrant Labor and KoreanDiaspora in the Age of Subimperialism: Pak Pom-sin’s Namaste" [Hawijegukjuui sidaeui chaehan ijunodongjawa hangukinuiisan: Pak Pom-sinui Namaste] Munhak Tongne (Literature World), (Seoul: MunhakdongnePublishing Co.), Vol. 48 (Fall, 2006)

"NationalHistory and Domestic Spaces: Secret Lives of Girls and Women in 1950sSouth Korea in O Chong-hui’s ‘The Garden of Childhood and The ChineseStreet."TheJournal of Korean Studies, 9:1 (Fall 2005)

"SovereignAesthetics, Disciplining Emotion and Racial Rehabilitation in Colonial Korea,1910-1922." Acta Koreana, 8:1 (Winter 2005)

"Autonomous Aesthetics and Autonomous Subjectivity: Construction ofModern Literature as a Site of Social Reforms and Nation-Building inColonial Korea, 1915-1925."  Ph.D. diss., University of California, LosAngeles, 2000.