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Richard Friedman

Th.D. (Harvard)

Professor Emeritus of Hebrew and Comparative Literature
Katzin Professor of Jewish Civilization


Hebrew Bible; Near Eastern Languages and Literatures

Richard Elliott Friedman is the Ann & Jay Davis Professor of Jewish Studies at the University of Georgia. He received his doctorate from Harvard in Hebrew Bible. He was a Visiting Fellow at Cambridge and Oxford; and a Senior Fellow of the American Schools of Oriental Research in Jerusalem. He participated in the City of David Project archaeological excavations of biblical Jerusalem. His books have been translated into Hebrew, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, French, Dutch, Czech, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Korean, and Hungarian. He teaches, writes, and lectures on the Hebrew Bible, the languages and civilizations of the ancient Near East, and comparative religion and culture. He works in Akkadian, Aramaic, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Phoenician, Ugaritic, French, and German. He has been interviewed on CNN (Larry King), NPR ("All Things Considered," "Morning Edition" "Radio Times") and other radio and television networks. Articles, reviews, and treatments of his work have appeared in the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report, Newsweek, Time, Commentary, The Atlantic Monthly, Iowa Review, The Forward, Moment, The Jerusalem Post, Maariv, and Haaretz, and other print media. He has been a consultant for television and film (Dreamworks, NBC, A&E, NOVA, ARTE, PBS).

Selected  Publications:

The Exile and Biblical Narrative. Harvard Semitic Monographs. Atlanta: Scholars  Press, 1981.

The Creation of Sacred Literature (editor). Berkeley: University of California  Press, 1981.

The Poet and the Historian (editor). Harvard Semitic Studies. Atlanta: Scholars  Press, 1983.

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Second edition. San Francisco: HarperCollins, 1996; Paris: Editions Exergue, 1998; Istanbul: Kabalci, 2005.

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Commentary on the Torah. San Francisco: HarperCollins, 2001.

The Bible with Sources Revealed. San Francisco: HarperCollins, 2004.

Le-David Maskil, co-editor. Biblical and Judaic Studies from the University of California, San Diego; (Indiana:  Eisenbrauns, 2002).

A Festschrift was published in his honor: Sacred History, Sacred Literature: Essays on Ancient Israel, the Bible, and Religion in Honor  of R. E. Friedman on His 60th Birthday, Edited by Shawna Dolansky (Eisenbrauns, 2008).