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hfowlerthistimeThis Time, While We’re Awake: Stories,by Heather Fowler

Fowler's new collection, This Time, While We're Awake, welcomes you to the worlds of egregious dystopias—environments where tornadoes come one after another as neighbors spar, drugged breeders make babies in the near-future for the sterile rich, and humans are sacrificed by contract to aliens who protect them. In this collection, Fowler examines what it means to be fair and humane in the surreal landscapes where the ruling factions are neither of these things. Come and get your Practice Baby, if you'd like to try parenting. Take an injection to experience love without a partner. This collection showcases not only Fowler's trademark heart and humor, but also a darker dimension of commentary similar to Bradbury or The Twilight Zone. Selected stories in this volume have been published internationally and online.

Marcel Hénaff  has published:
  • "Vivre avec les autres. Réciprocité et altérité chez Lévi-Strauss" in Claude Lévi-Strauss et ses contemporains, Ed. P. Guenancia et J.P. Sylvestre, Paris, PUF, 2012,  pp. 157-180.
  • "Formes de l’espace construit ; formes de la pensée : du village bororo à la ville réseau" in J.P. Changeux Ed. La vie des formes et les formes de la vie, Éditions Odile Jacob, Paris, 2012, pp. 187-215.
  • "Rite, prière et actes de langage" in Dire la croyance religieuse, Ed. B. Kanabus  & J. Maréchal,  Peter Lang, NY- Bruxelles, 2012 :  121-150
  • "Ceremonial Gift-Giving: The Lessons of Anthropology with Mauss and Beyond” in Gift in Antiquity,  Ed.  M.L. Satlow,  Wiley-Balckwell,  Oxford, 2013, pp. 12-24.
  • "Die immateriallen Güter" in Lettre International  #100- Berlin  April  2013 pp.123-128.
Radical SensationsRadical Sensations: World Movements, Violence and Visual Culture by Shelley S. Streeby

The significant anarchist, black, and socialist world-movements that emerged in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth adapted discourses of sentiment and sensation and used the era's new forms of visual culture to move people to participate in projects of social, political, and economic transformation. Drawing attention to the vast archive of images and texts created by radicals prior to the 1930s, Shelley Streeby analyzes representations of violence and of abuses of state power in response to the Haymarket police riot, of the trial and execution of the Chicago anarchists, and of the mistreatment and imprisonment of Ricardo and Enrique Flores Magón and other members of the Partido Liberal Mexicano. She considers radicals' reactions to and depictions of U.S. imperialism, state violence against the Yaqui Indians in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands, the failure of the United States to enact laws against lynching, and the harsh repression of radicals that accelerated after the United States entered the First World War. By focusing on the adaptation and critique of sentiment, sensation, and visual culture by radical world-movements in the period between the Haymarket riots of 1886 and the deportation of Marcus Garvey in 1927, Streeby sheds new light on the ways that these movements reached across national boundaries, criticized state power, and envisioned alternative worlds.

alchemy2Alchemy, a journal of translation

The Third Issue has justt gone live! Spring 2013, Issue 3.

Alchemy is committed to publishing quality, contemporary translations of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction creative writing. By dedicating our journal to the publication of high quality translations by students, we aim to encourage a new generation of translators. We publish creative translations and adaptations, including homophonic, homolinguistic, and other poetic forms. It is our belief that translation can teach us new things about writing and about language itself. We look forward to publishing work that is fresh, engaging and thought provoking. Alchemy is based in the University of California, San Diego’s Literature and Linguistics departments, and is edited and published by UCSD students.

peoplewholesPeople with Holes: Stories by Heather Fowler

Hailed as “magic realism at its finest,” Fowler’s writing reveals the small but essential truths that motivate sex and relationships. Whether in museums of solitude, in airports of dreams, or at the circus, these stories are bound together by transformation, anthropomorphism, and ultimately by love’s inevitable consequences. Fowler’s unique vision is thought-provoking, with a touch of feminist sensibility, and shot through with quirky and laugh-out-loud humor. This collection is Fowler’s second book of magical realist stories and 100% author's proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood. The publisher will match the author’s contribution.

In honor of the book’s release, the publisher has also just sponsored a GoodReads giveaway in process now.