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Upcoming Dissertation Defenses & Qualifying Exams

By order of the Graduate Council, dissertation defenses are open to the public.  While the qualifying oral examination is a private meeting, students may invite up to four observers (who usually attend to take notes on the examination).  

Due to the current status of campus, dissertation defenses and qualifying oral exams may be occuring remotely (via Zoom).  If no location is listed on the flyer, then the defense or exam is happening remotely.  Contact the student directly for remote meeting details, if you would like to attend.

Spring 2021 Dissertation Defenses

Luis Cortes Dissertation Defense

Luis Cortes
May 28

Catherine Hayter Dissertation Defense

Catherine Hayter
June 2

Melissa Vipperman-Cohen Dissertation Defense

Melissa Vipperman-Cohen
June 2

Spring 2021 Qualifying Exams

Heather Paulson Qualifying Exam

Heather Paulson
June 1

Jessica Aguilar Qualifying Exam

Jessica Aguilar
June 4

Ying Guo Qualifying Exam

Ying Guo
June 4

Maya Richards Qualifying Exam

Maya Richards
June 7

Marisol Cuong Qualifying Exam

Marisol Cuong
June 8

Sean Compas Qualifying Exam

Sean Compas
June 8

Nolan Dannels Qualifying Exam

Nolan Dannels
June 11

Summer 2021 Dissertation Defenses

Zachary Hayes Dissertation Defense

Zachary Hayes
June 17

Summer 2021 Qualifying Exams

Andrea Zelaya Qualifying Exam

Andrea Zelaya
June 28

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