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PhD Dissertation Defenses & Qualifying Exams

By order of the Graduate Council, dissertation defenses are open to the public.  While the qualifying oral examination is a private meeting, students may invite up to four observers (who usually attend to take notes on the examination).  

Dissertation defenses and qualifying oral exams may occur in-person, hybrid, or fully remote.  If no location is listed on the flyer, then the defense or exam is happening remotely.  Contact the student directly for remote meeting details, if you would like to attend.

2023-2024 Dissertation Defenses

Trung Thanh Le Dissertation Defense

Trung Thanh Le
January 29th

Yui Kasane Dissertation Defense

Yui Kasane
March 11th

Erik C. Homenick Dissertation Defense

Erik C. Homenick
June 7th

2023-2024 Qualifying Exams

Chenfeng Wang Qualifying Exam

Chenfeng Wang
September 29th

Bianca Negrete Coba Qualifying Exam

Bianca Negrete Coba
November 13th

Manuel Carrion Lira Qualifying Exam

Manuel Carrion-Lira
November 20th

Wentao Ma Qualifying Exam

Wentao Ma
November 30th

Yi Sun Qualifying Exam

Yi Sun
December 8th

Jessica Lizarraga Qualifying Exam

Jessica Lizarraga
December 11th

Ziyang Li Qualifying Exam

Ziyang Li
December 11th

Aimee Jurado Qualifying Exam

Aimee Jurado
December 11th

Samuel Kim Qualifying Exam

Samuel Kim
December 14th