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Literature Undergraduate Course Descriptions
Summer Session I 2021 (S121)

LTCH 101 - Readings in Contemporary Chinese Literature
Ghostly Matters

Instructor: Jing Chen

Beyond the concepts of “national” cinema and literature, this course examines a dynamic representation of ghostly matters in Sinophone cultures from glocal and trans-Pacific perspectives, focusing on the ways which these representations are constituted by trans-regional forces and flows. 

  • LTCH 101 will count towards the Language (Chinese) concentration for the World Literature and Culture major.
  • LTCH 101 will count towards the Region (Asia) concentration for the World Literature and Culture major.

LTCS 100 - Theories and Methods in Cultural Studies
Instructor: William Zachary Hill

Becoming Everyday.

This course examines critical theories of everyday life and considers how media are imbricated in the production of the experiences and affects that make up our life within multiple systems of economics and oppression. Starting from basic questions like “what is everyday life?” We will think about history, cities and education as media while also delving into more “traditional” media formats ranging from film and television to smartphone games and selfies. Analyzing these media as our object of study, we will think about not only the affect on the everyday life of the consumer, but also the everyday life of those who have to create media. Ultimately, we will consider the various forces that shape our understanding of the everyday to our role in actively changing it.

  • LTCS 100 will count towards the Media concentration for the World Literature and Culture major.

LTEN 124 - Topics: The Nineteenth Century (b)
Here There Be “Monsters”
Instructor: Katherine Neipris

What role does “the edge of the map” play in the Victorian imagination? How do adventure stories perpetuate colonial racism and gender inequality? Texts include The Coral Island, The Boy’s Own Paper, Treasure Island, and The Jungle Book.

Tentative syllabus: 

LTEN 148 - Genres in English and American Literature
Science Fiction and Personhood
Instructor: Tina Hyland

What is a person? This simple question requires a complex negotiation. How do we decide who counts? What are the privileges of personhood, and how do we distribute them? These questions matter, and science fiction seeks to answer them.

LTEN 149 - Topics: English-Language Literature
Shaking up Shakespeare: Adapta
Instructor: Celine Khoury

Shakespeare’s plays have been watched, read, studied, and reinterpreted around the world. They have been adapted into musicals, novels, and even comics. Is Shakespeare English property? “White” property? We will answer these questions by discussing adaptations. 

  • LTEN 149 will count towards the Media concentration for the World Literature and Culture major.

LTEN 150 - Gender, Text, and Culture
Lives of Good Women
Instructor: Stacie Vos

Assessments of the role of women in the history of English literature often focus on misogynist language or complete absence. This course takes a differeent approach, tracing the tradition of praise for women in the literature of the British Isles.

LTEN 185 - Themes in African American Literature
Instructor: Babak Rahimi

Contact instructor for course description.

  • LTEN 185 will count towards the Region (The Americas) concentration for the World Literature and Culture major.