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Alain J.-J. Cohen


Ph.D. (UCLA)

Professor of Comparative/French Literature & Film Studies

Office Hours

Professor of Comparative Literature and Film Studies at the University of California, San Diego where he has spent his career.


  • B.A. in philosophy, McGill University.
  • Ph.D. in literature (emphasis in cinema and philosophy), UCLA. & Independent doc and postdoc research in France and in Italy.
  • Psychoanalyst, Graduate from SDPSI (San Diego Psychoanalytic Society and Institute), Adult Psychoanalytic Training Program. (Member, APsaA, American Psychoanalytic Association and IPA, International Psychoanalytic Association.)

Alain J.-J. Cohen has a pluri-disciplinary and multi-national formation in clinical and theoretical psychoanalysis (from Freud and Lacan to today’s multiple schools of psychoanalysis), film studies, the history and analysis of cinema, aesthetics and philosophy, literary theory, semiotics (C.S. Peirce, A.-J. Greimas, to the present), and art history. Through his teaching and research, Cohen has been dedicated to the dissemination of (1) psychoanalysis, (2) cinema studies and (3) semiotics.


Cohen has single-authored 100-odd research articles (see most recent ones below) in professional journals and scholarly volumes, and presented 275 papers at invited lectures and conferences around the world.

Interweaving research in semiotic and psychoanalytic methods into the technical study of cinema with the advent of new technologies, he has written extensively about the films of such auteurs-filmmakers as S. Eisenstein, J.-L. Godard, C. Marker, O. Welles, A. Hitchcock, S. Kubrick, P. Greenaway, D. Lynch, M. Scorsese, as well as Billy Wilder, R. Mamoulian, W. Allen, R. Scott, O. Stone, Q. Tarantino, T. Gilliam, M. Forman, S. Spielberg, D. Cronenberg, S. Frears, P. Verhoeven, R-W. Fassbinder, J. Demme, P. Schrader, et al., to highlight methods of film analysis, psychoanalytic approaches to cinema, the aesthetics of the filmic image, aggression and the rhetoric of violence and contemporary US cinema.

He has also contributed research articles about some of the major figures of "French theory" (JP.Sartre, R.Barthes, J.Lacan, AJ.Greimas, M.Foucault, J.Baudrillard, H.Damisch, C.Lévi-Strauss, L.Marin, Ch. Metz (or to their Festschriften).

He is author or co-author of four books:  

-Les autres Arts dans l’Art du Cinéma, 2007, (co-auth. and ed. with D. Sipière.)
-Russell Forester. Unauthorized Autobiography, 1997, (co-auth. with M. Zakian.)
-Le Récit Évangélique, 1976 (collab. auth. with L. Marin, Cl. Chabrol.)
-Marcuse. Le Scénario Freudo-Marxien, 1974,

He curated 50 quarterly art exhibitions at the UCSD Faculty Club gallery (starting with Aesthetics of Science in 2003), made a documentary film and done a few TV programs on questions of cinema (on Godard, Kubrick, Woody Allen, War Cinema, Painting in Cinema, Photography in Cinema.) Over the years he has been a plenary speaker at meetings of CISeL, AISS, IASS, SCC, SERCiA, UCIPC, AFEA, IAVS. Cohen was Visiting Professor at UC Irvine (Spring 2000), at the University of Poitiers (Programme de cinéma, 2001), and involved inter alia with GRSL ( Groupe de recherches sémio-linguistiques,) SCC ( Semiotic Circle of California,) SERCiA ( Société pour l’étude et la recherche du cinéma américain.) For 34 consecutive years, starting in 1975, he presented papers as visiting faculty at the summer colloquia of the Centro Internazionale di Semiotica in Urbino, Italy. He is currently on the faculty of SDPC ( San Diego Psychoanalytic Center.)

He is currently working on two book projects:

  1. a) Psychoanalytic thoughts about films addressing WW2, Auschwitz, Hiroshima.
  2. b) Ingmar Bergman’s films. Depression and mastery.

Alain J.-J. Cohen (2021). “Anamorphoses Dystopiques dans Contagion de Stephen Soderbergh. L’Autre du Désir. L’Autre de la Mort.” Diogène (published under the auspices of the International Council for Philosophy and Humanistic Studies with the support of Unesco) n° spécial L’utopie autrement, Carla Danani (ed.) Vol. 273-274, pp 171-185.

Alain J.-J. Cohen. (2019) “Paranoia and Geopolitical Strategies: Spying Moves and Countermoves. A Most Wanted Man, by A. Corbjin.” ( IJGLSA) International Journal of Germanic Linguistics and Semiotic Analysis, Vol. 24 (2) pp 119-161.

Alain J.-J. Cohen (2015). “Polemology and Tractatology. Revisiting the INF 1987 Treaty’s Agonistics.”  Interdisciplinary Journal of Germanic Linguistics and Semiotic Analysis, 20 (2), 215-233

Alain J.-J. Cohen (2014). Daldry’s The Reader: Surviving/Not Forgiving the Holocaust.” Memory in Cinema. Paris, Houdiard, 169-180 (bookchapter)

Alain J.-J. Cohen (2013). “Ruins: Reflections on Aggression and Destruction in Aesthetics.” B. Antomarini & A. Berg (eds), Aesthetics in Present Future. The Arts and the Technological Horizon. Lanham, New York, Plymouth (UK), Lexington Books, 149-162 (bookchapter)

Alain J.-J. Cohen (2012). “ The Killing dans l’oeuvre de Kubrick. Rythme et silence de la voix off.” B. Gauthier (eds), Kubrick. Les Films Les musiques, Paris, Editions L’Entretemps, 29-45 (bookchapter)

Alain J.-J. Cohen (2010) “Semiotics of the Nude Figure in Cinema.” M. Costantini (eds), La sémiotique visuelle : Nouveaux paradigmes, Paris, Collection Eidos, L'Harmattan, 271-286 (bookchapter)

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Alain J.-J. Cohen (2009) “Le Neutre et l'auto-analyse de Roland Barthes. Anamorphoses du deuil et de la mélancolie.” S. Badir & D. Ducard (eds), Roland Barthes en cours (1977-1980) : Un style de vie, Presses Universitaires de Dijon, 31-40 (bookchapter)

Alain J.-J. Cohen (2008) “Towards a Psychoanalytic Perspective on Angels and Counter-angelic Agencies.” A. J. J. Cohen, P. Ricci, N. Roelens, P. Paioni (eds), La parte dell'angelo, Vols 1 & 2, Documenti di lavoro Edition, Urbino, Centro Internazionale di Semiotica, 56-62   (bookchapter)

Alain J.-J. Cohen (2008) “Oliver Stone's JFK and Ralph Greenson's Psychoanalysis of Marilyn Monroe. Three Theses on the Synergy between History and Mythology.” M. Stokes & G. Menegaldo (eds),  Cinema and History, Paris, Michel Houdiard, 333-346   (bookchapter)

Alain J.-J. Cohen (2008) “Nude vs Naked in Films of Kubrick, Godard and Greenaway.” Interdisciplinary Journal of Germanic Linguistics and Semiotic Analysis, 13 (1), 1-26

Alain J.-J. Cohen & Dominique Sipière (2007) Les autres arts dans l'art du cinéma, Presses Universitaires de Rennes (book)

Alain J.-J. Cohen & Dominique Sipière (2007) “Introduction: Scorsese peintre. Losey musicien. Kubrick chorégraphe.” In A. J. J. Cohen, D. Sipiere (eds), Les autres arts dans l'art du cinéma, Presses Universitaires de Rennes, 3-8   (bookchapter)

Alain J.-J. Cohen (2007) “Cinéma et Peinture. Figures et abstractions.”  A. J. J. Cohen, D. Sipiere (eds), Les autres arts dans l'art du cinéma, Presses Universitaires de Rennes, 15-30   (bookchapter)

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