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Department Letterhead Request

Use this form to request a copy of the Literature Department letterhead (in Word format). Department letterhead may only be used by current MFA students for the following purposes:

  • Personal statement or cover letter for a job application
  • Personal statement or cover letter for a fellowship application or other type of financial support application
  • Personal statement of cover letter for a conference presentation application

Please note the following policies regarding the use of Literature Department letterhead:

  • It may only be used during the time in which individuals are active MFA students in the department.
  • Students must request and receive written permission (from advising staff) to use the letterhead for any purpose not listed above.
  • All uses of the letterhead should make clear that the document is originating from the individual student (sender details begin with student’s name and student’s name is added as the signature at the end of the document).
  • No student may use the letterhead to express the opinions of the Literature Department, other students, faculty, or any other entities beyond themselves.

If you have any questions about the proper uses of the Literature Department letterhead, ask advising staff before using it. Once you complete the application below and receive a copy of the letterhead, it is your responsibility to follow all policies and standards.