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Wai-lim Yip

Ph.D. (Princeton)

Professor Emeritus of Chinese and Comparative Literature

Classical and Modern Chinese Poetry; Comparative Poetics; Modernism East and West; Translation Theory

Selected Publications:

Ezra Pound’s Cathay (Princeton Press, 1969)

Modern Chinese Poetry: 20 Poets from  the Republic of China (Iowa U.  Press,1970)

Hiding the Universe: Poems of Wang Wei  (Wushinsha-Grossman Press,1970)

Chinese Poetry: Major Modes and Genres (U C Press/ Duke University  Press,1976)

Thirty Years of Poetry. The  Ferry That Cannot Be Detained (poems). A  Chinese Sea (lyrical prose).

The Reeds of Europa (lyrical prose). Dialogues  with Contemporary Chinese Painters. Boxed set of five books. Taipei:  Tung-tai, 1987.

History, Hermeneutics and Aesthetics (comparative literature studies).  Taipei, Tung-tai, 1988.

The Daoist Theory of Knowledge," Poetics  East and West, Toronto Semiotic Monograph Series, 4 (1988-89).

"Colonialism, Culture, Industry, and Desire," Con-Temporary,  52 (August 1990): 40-60.

"Condemned Humanity: Spatial Dialogues and Dialectics in the Paper  Architectures of Alexander Brodsky and Ilya Utkin,"  Arch (October 1990): 32-57.

Children's Seasons (poems). Taipei: Children's Books  Press, Ministry of Education, 1990.

"Hesitation  Between: Lu Xun and the Art of Language in Wild  Grass," Con-Temporary, 68  and 69 (1991-92).

Reading the Modern and the Postmodern:  Meditations on Living Spaces and Cultural Spaces. Taipei: Tatung, 1992.

Zhongguo Shixue (Chinese Poetics). Beijing: Sanlian, 1992. Expanded Zhongguo Shixue (Renminwenxuechubanse,  2006)

Lyrics from Shelters: Modern Chinese  Poetry 1930-1950. New  York: Garland, 1992.

Diffusion of Distances: Dialogues  between Chinese and Western Poetics.  Berkeley: University of California Press, 1993.

Between Landscapes (Poems in English). Santa Fe:  Pennywhistle Press, 1994.

Daoist Aesthetics and Western Culture (Beijing U. Press,2002)

"Singing  in the Cultural Space of Dispersed Memory: The Art of Memory Portraiture in Ya  Hsien's Poetry," Poetry Exploration,  Beijing (1994).

"Demystifying Hsin-ta-ya:  The Afterlife of Translation," Chung-wai  Literary Monthly, 23.4, Taipei (September 1994).

Wai-lim Yip Collected Poetry: 50 years (Taipei, National Taiwan University Press, 2012 ) 734 pages

"At once BEYOND and WITHIN Reality and History: Shang Qin's Subversive Strategies" RENDITIONS, a Chinese-English Translation Magazine, No.74, Hong Kong, 2010

Special Issue on Wai-lim Yip, published in TAIWAN, HONG KONG AND OVERSEAS CHINESE LITERATURE, ISSUE 104 , March 2011, Swatow (Shantou) University, in partial correspondence with Conference on the Writings of Wai-lim Yip held in November 2011 in University of Macau.

Content: Two essays by Wai-lim Yip (1) Immanence in Wallace Stevens' Poetry (2)Distant and Near, Some Theoretical Issues in Translating Pound into Chinese

Two essays by Shi Liaoying (on The Influence of Yip's Daoist Aesthetics in the West),and Zhang Zhiguo "Recent Studies in the context of Yip's (w)holistic vision.

"Dances in the Empyrean and Eye-Excursions through the Eight Limits: Lou Guosong's Tensional Dialogues with the Modernist painters in the West" , bilingual Introduction to Liu Guosong's 80th Birthday Retrospective Exhibition, March-June, 2012 (National Museum of Fine ARts, Taizhong, Taiwan, 2012 pp.28-51.

"Chen Tingshi's Meditation on the Music of the Spheres in the Void of Grand Silence",ARTIST, 443, April, 2012 pp. 298-303.

"Adriatic Lyricism, a set of 8 poems (Croatia, Slovenia), THE EPOCH POETRY QUARTERLY, 174, March, 2013 6. Collected Poetry of Wai-lim Yip: 50 Years" in 2 volumes with a 60 page+ Introduction by Ke Qingming (Ko Ching-ming)

National Taiwan University Press, 2013, 734 pages 7. Book release in April 15: Dialogue with Modernist Novelist Wang Wenxing.

Ren Jian Wei Shi ("In-the-World TV Station) two hours Interview with Wai-lim Yip ,May 24, 2013 broadcasted June 29-30, 2013