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Milos Kokotovic

Ph.D. (Stanford)

Associate Professor of Latin American Literature

Quarterly Office Hours


UCSD Hellman Fellow
Section Head, Spanish Literature (Fall 2016 - Winter 2017)

Andean Literature and Culture; Central American Literature; Latin American Political Economy and Cultural Theory

Misha Kokotovic completed his B.A. in Anthropology at the University of Illinois in 1983 and his Ph.D. in Spanish and Portuguese at Stanford University in 1997.

Selected Publications:

Telling Evasions: Postwar El Salvador in the Short Fiction of Claudia Hernández.”  A Contracorriente: Una revista de historia social y literatura de América Latina / A Journal on Social History and Literature in Latin America, 11.2 (Winter 2014): 53-75.Link

Power, Culture, and Violence in the Andes. Co-edited with Christine Hunefeldt.  Brighton and Portland: Sussex Academic Press, 2009.

"'¡piruanos, carajo!’: Mario Vargas Llosa, Violence, and Modernity." Power, Culture, and Violence in the Andes. Eds. Christine Hunefeldt and Misha Kokotovic.  Brighton and Portland: Sussex Academic Press, 2009. 99-109.

"Testimonio Once Removed: Castellanos Moya’s Insensatez."; Revista de Estudios Hispánicos, Fall 2009.

"Neoliberal Noir: Contemporary Central American Crime Fiction as Social Criticism." Clues: A Journal of  Detection  24.3 (Spring 2006): 15-29.

La modernidad andina en la narrativa peruana:  conflicto social y transculturación.  Berkeley and Lima: Latinoamericana Editores, 2006.

The Colonial Divide in Peruvian  Narrative: Social Conflict and Transculturation. Brighton and Portland: Sussex Academic Press, 2005.