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Michael Davidson

Ph.D. (SUNY, Buffalo)

Professor Emeritus of American Literature
Distinguished Professor

Quarterly Office Hours

Email: mdavidson@ucsd.edu

Modern Poetry, Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Disability Studies, Modern American Literature.

Selected Publications:

The Prose of Fact. Berkeley: The Figures, 1981.

The Landing of Rochambeau. Providence, R.I.: Burning Deck, 1985.

"Notes beyond the Notes: Wallace Stevens and Contemporary Poetics," Wallace Stevens: The Poetics of Modernism, ed. Albert Gelpi. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1985.

The San Francisco Renaissance: Poetics and Community at Mid-Century. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1989.

Post Hoc. Bolinas, Calif.: Avenue B, 1990.

"Dismantling 'Mantis:' Reification and Objectivist Poetics," American Literary History, 3.3 (Fall 1991): 521-541.

Leningrad: American Writers in the Soviet Union (with Lyn Hejinian, Ron Silliman, and Barrett Watten). San Francisco: Mercury House, 1991.

"Marginality in the Margins: Robert Duncan's Textual Politics," Contemporary Literature, 33.2 (Summer 1992): 275-301.

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Ghostlier Demarcations: Modern Poetry and the Material Word. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1997.

The Arcades. O Books, Fall 1998.

"The Lady from Shanghai: California Orientalism and 'guys like us,'" Western American Literature (Winter 2001).

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