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Louis Montrose

Ph.D. (UC San Diego)

Rebeca Hickel Emeritus Professor of Elizabethan Studies
Distinguished Professor of English Literature


Guggenheim Fellow
University of California President's Fellowship in the Humanities

Elizabethan writing, performance, and visual cultures; Early Modern Studies; Cultural History and Theory

Selected Publications:

The Subject of Elizabeth: Authority, Gender, and Representation. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 2006.

"Spenser and the Elizabethan Political Imaginary," ELH 69 (2002), 907-46.

"Elizabeth hinter dem Spiegel: Die Ein-Bildung der zwei Körper der Königin" ["Elizabeth Through the Looking-Glass: Picturing the Queen’s Two Bodies"]. In Der Körper der Königin: Geschlecht und Herrschaft in der höfischen Welt seit 1500, ed. Regina Schulte. Frankfurt: Campus Verlag, 2002: 67-98.

"Idols of the Queen: Policy, Gender, and the Picturing of Elizabeth I," Representations 68 (Fall 1999), 108-61.

The Purpose of Playing: Shakespeare and the Cultural Politics of the Elizabethan Theatre. Chicago: Univ. of Chicago Press, 1996. Chapters rpt. In Shakespearean Criticism (1999); The Harcourt Brace Anthology of Drama (1999); A Shakespeare Reader: Sources and Criticism (2000).

"Spenser's Domestic Domain: Poetry, Property, and the Early Modern Subject." In Subject and Object in Renaissance Culture, ed. M. de Grazia, et al. Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1996: 83-130.

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"Celebration and Insinuation: Sir Philip Sidney and the Motives of Elizabethan Courtship," Renaissance Drama, new series, 8 (1977), 3-35. Rpt. In Renaissance Drama as Cultural History (1990).

Editorial Boards: English Literary Renaissance; Renaissance Drama.