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Cynthia Walk

Ph.D. (Yale)

Associate Professor Emerita of German Literature & Film Studies


Selected Publications:

"Anna May Wong and Weimar Cinema: Orientalism in Postcolonial Germany." Beyond Alterity: German Encounters with Modern East Asia, ed. Qinna Shen and Martin Rosenstock. Oxford: Berghahn, 2014: 137-67.

"Limits on Racial Border-Crossing Exposed in Piccadilly (1929)." A New History of German Cinema, ed. Jennifer Kapczynski and Michael Richardson. Rochester: Camden House, 2012: 185-89.

"Romeo with Sidelocks: Weimar Assimilation Films." The Many Faces of Weimar Cinema: Rediscovering Germany's Filmic Legacy, ed. Christian Rogowski. Rochester: Camden House, 2010: 84-101.

"Cross-Media Exchange in Weimar Culture," Monatshefte  99 (Summer 2007): 177-93.

"The Debate about Stage Tradition in Weimar Cinema." Überschreitungen. Dialoge zwischen Literatur- und Theaterwissenschaft, Architektur und bildende Kunst, ed. Jörg Sader and Anette Wörner. Würzburg: Königshausen & Neumann, 2002: 257-67.

Hofmannsthals 'Grosses Welttheater': Drama und Theater. Heidelberg: Carl Winter, 1980.