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Literature MFA Course Descriptions WI23

Pre-authorization is required for students not enrolled in the Literature Department's MFA Program in Creative Writing. Please submit any pre-authorization request through the Enrollment Authorization System.

Instructor: Ben Doller

Contact instructor for course description.

Writing Into Absent Histories
Instructor: Kazim Ali

How does one write into socio-political, or familial/personal history which is lost/gone/destroyed/erased/forgotten? What relationship might the act of writing itself have to uncovering or formulating autobiographical truth? What are the politics of a narrative of cohesion? The politics of personal or communal memory? What forms or fractures can imitate or contend with the contours of life as it is lived and processed by time/history? We will explore autobiographical writing in prose and verse and hybrid forms, as well as various approaches to documentary poetry, alternative histories, fiction, and memoir.