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Literature MFA Course Descriptions SP24

Pre-authorization is required for students not enrolled in the Literature Department's MFA Program in Creative Writing. Please submit any pre-authorization request through the Enrollment Authorization System.


Instructor: Kazim Ali

This course will look at the impacts of avant-garde modernism, beginning with Gertrude Stein's linguistic experiments in Tender Buttons. We will look at Stein's sources in visual art and neuroscience, and the impacts of her work on writing, music, painting, and dance throughout the early-to-mid twentieth century, including in the work of John Cage and Merce Cunningham. We'll culminate with a look at the conceptual art, writing, and music of Yoko Ono.

“What’s Not in a Name?”
Instructor: Amy Sara Carroll

Less answers, more questions! In this participant-driven, mutually generative workshop, we will consider what we mean when we call writing or a program, “cross-genre.” At the start of the quarter, we will collectively divide this course into discrete units (possibly “fiction,” “poetry,” “performance,” and “mis/translation”). Participants in groups of two to three will lead one of the two-week units (assign texts, lead discussion, offer an individual or collaborative assignment, lead workshop). The final one to two weeks of class, participants will present individual or collaboratively-authored cross-genre works-in-progress.