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Literature MFA Course Descriptions FA21

Pre-authorization is required for students not enrolled in the Literature Department's MFA Program in Creative Writing. Please submit any pre-authorization request through the Enrollment Authorization System.

Instructor: Jaclyn Jemc

Contact instructor for course description.

Unnatural Narrative
Instructor: Anna Joy Springer

In this seminar, we will study theories and practical mechanics of narrative, including post- anti- and other “nonnatural” narrative strategies. Primary readings include poetic, nonfiction, visual, cross-genre, and fiction texts.  Through analysis you will produce weekly Reading Annotation Sheets and/ or literary arts responses. Practice will involve analyzing primary texts, using terms and theories from narrative studies in classroom discussion and analysis papers and practicing a variety narrative engineering moves in short literary arts prompts throughout the quarter. Additionally, participants will prepare 7-minute conference/ festival-style literary presentations analyzing a course text and teaching about it in relation to concepts in narrativity. Reading = up to 200 pps. per week. Literary Writing = up to 20 pps over quarter. Analytical Writing = Up to 30 pps over quarter. 

Readings will include essays and excerpts from : “Basic Elements of Narrative,” David Herman "A Poetics of Unnatural Narrative," Ed. Alber, Nielsen, Richardson “Meander, Spiral, Explode” Jane Allison “Favorite Folktales from Around the World,” “Break Every Rule” by Carole Maso," "A Light in the Dark” by Gloria Anzaldua “Monoceros” by Suzette Mayr, " “Blood and Guts in High School” by Kathy Acker “Jazz” by Toni Morrison " “Babyfucker” by Urs Alleman "Jimmy Corrigan: Smartes Kid on Earth” by Chris Ware, “Triste Tropiques” by Hilton Als, “Punk in the Shadow of War” by Fiona I.B. Ngô “I am Anjuhimeko” by Hiromi Ito “Tales of Neveryon” by Samuel Delany, “The Throwaways” by Mellissa Chadburn, “The Descent of Alette” by Alice Notely, and others.