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Fellowships, Grants and Awards

  1. The Faculty Career Development Grant Program (Usual Deadline: January 31st)

    The FCDP is intended to provide release time from teaching for junior faculty for one quarter in order to allow them to concentrate their efforts on research or other creative activity. The program may also provide support for summer research, supplies/equipment, salary for an assistant, and/or travel expenses related to a project.
  2. The Hellman Fellowship program (Usual Deadline: March 29th)

    This program is designed to provide financial support and encouragement to young faculty in the core disciplines. Funds awarded are primarily intended to enhance the individual's progress toward tenure. Therefore, faculty would be expected to have served at least two years as an assistant professor, but not yet have been recommended for tenure.

    Please note that, although the guidelines state that preference is given to assistant professors who are in at least their third year, faculty who have not yet completed two years are eligible
  3. Research Support Grants (Usual Deadlines: January, March, and October)

    Grants available for funding supplies, field work, research assistance, general assistance, travel for research purposes and equipment. Limited funds are available to support the final preparation of manuscripts for submission to publishers. Possible funding is also available for computer and audio/video equipment--as the call dictates. Priority will be given to original projects, especially by junior and recently arrived faculty with no extramural or intramural support (including start-up funds).
  4. Travel to Scholarly Meetings Awards (Usual Deadlines: January, March, June and October)

    DESCRIPTION: Awards for travel to national and international conferences or symposia are made to Academic Senate members who are presenting papers on their research or who are organizing and presiding over one or more sessions in the meeting. Awards may be made for the purpose of presenting works of art or creative expression at important public events, e.g., festivals, but only for the initial presentation thereof. Only one trip per fiscal year for any Senate member will be awarded. There is no limit to the number of travel awards faculty may receive over a period of years.
  5. UCHRI (Usual Deadline: January)

    UCHRI supports the research of faculty and graduate students in the humanities through individual fellowships, as well as a network of the UC Humanities Research Institute, campus humanities centers, and multi-campus research groups.
  6. The Chancellor Associates Faculty Recognition Awards (Usual Deadline: November)

    The Chancellor Associates Faculty Recognition Awards are given annually to deserving members of the UCSD faculty and consist of a citation and honorarium of $2,500. Department Chairs, Divisional Deans, and Provosts initiate the nominations. To win this award, at least one endorsement letter from a Dean, Provost, or Vice Chancellor is required with application materials.

Recent Recipients

Camille Forbes has been named the 2011 recipient of the UCSD Chancellor's Associates Faculty Excellence Award for Excellence in Community Service