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Lecture Funding Form

Intended for: Literature Faculty requesting funds from the Public Events Committee.


1. Fill out the form as completely as possible. The funding cannot be processed if the information about the speaker is not complete.

2. We will also need the Social Security Number of the visitor. Do not send the social security number by email or list it on this form. Call Danica Chan with this information at (858) 534-1163

3. There are restrictions on payments to non-U.S. citizens. Please consult Danica Chan as soon as possible if your visitor is not a U.S. citizen.

4. The maximum honorarium allowed without higher administrative approval is $250.

5. This account does not allow food or entertainment expenses.

6. Please provide a budget, giving details on how much money is being requested and for what.

7. Please also note what other funding sources are being sought for the visit. We have limited funding for visitors and most visits are funded through multiple sources.

8. If the Guest Speaker is not a US Citizen please contact Danica Chan regarding possible visa restrictions.

9. Honorarium amounts in excess of $250 need administrative approval. Please contact Danica Chan.