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Lecturers 2014-2015

Adriana De Marchi Gherini
Leslie Collins Edwards
Melvyn Freilicher
John Granger
Jeyseon Lee
Jeannette Mohr
Beatrice Pita
Catherine Ploye

Stephen Potts
Rebecca Wells
Eliot Wirshbo

Affiliated Faculty 2014-2015

Paula Didio: Fall (LTSP 171), Winter (LTSP 174
Brad Flis:Winter (LTWR 126), Spring (LTWR 102)
Heather Fowler: Winter (LTWR 102)
Margrit Frolich: Fall (LTCS 120), Spring (LTEU 137)
Inhye Han: Fall (LTEA 110C)
Nadeen Kharputly: Proposed Summer Session I (LTEN 179)
Anthony Kim: Proposed Summer Session II (LTWL 180)
Rami Kimchi: Fall (LTWL 180)
Jun Lei: Spring (LTEA 110B)
Chien-ting Lin: Fall (LTEN 28)
Fran Ilich Morales Munoz: Spring (LTWR 120)
Sarika Talve-Goodman: Proposed Summer Session II (LTEN 158)

Gracia District, Barcelona
Photo by Deborah Morrow Yu

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Department Chair:
Stephanie Jed
Department Vice-Chair:
Yingjin Zhang

Heads of Section

Jin-kyung Lee
Cultural Studies:
Margaret Loose
Nicole Tonkovich
Winifred Woodhull (FW)
Roddey Reid (S)
Todd Kontje
Literatures of the World:
Ping-hui Liao
Amelia Glaser
Max Parra (F)
Milos Kokotovic (WS)
Cristina Rivera-Garza