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Lecturers 2016-2017

Adriana De Marchi Gherini
Leslie Collins Edwards
Melvyn Freilicher
John Granger
Jeyseon Lee
Beatrice Pita
Catherine Ploye

Stephen Potts
Rebecca Wells
Eliot Wirshbo

Affiliated Faculty 2016-2017

Fall 2016

Jeannette Mohr LTGM 2A jhmohr@ucsd.edu  

Winter 2017

Kourtney Murray LTGK 102 kkmurray@ucsd.edu
Jeannette Mohr LTGM 2B jhmohr@ucsd.edu
Melissa Chadburn LTWR 106 mchadbur@ucsd.edu 
Melissa Bañales LTWR 110 mbanales@ucsd.edu 

Spring 2017

Aftab Jassal LTWL 145 TBA Office:  LIT 250
Jeannette Mohr LTGM 2C jhmohr@ucsd.edu Office:  LIT 250
Melissa Chadburn LTWR 113 / LTWR 114 mchadbur@ucsd.edu  Office:  LIT 143
Melissa Bañales LTWR 129 mbanales@ucsd.edu  Office:  LIT 143

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If you are a Literature Faculty member, Staff or Graduate Student and would like your email address listed, please let us know! Please send an email litinfo@ucsd.edu.
Department Chair:
Yingjin Zhang
Department Vice-Chair:
Lisa R. Lampert-Weissig

Heads of Section

Page duBois
Jin-kyung Lee
Cultural Studies:
Ari Heinrich (F)
Ping-hui Liao (WS)
Daniel Vitkus
Oumelbanine Zhiri (FW)
Winifred Woodhull (S)
William O'Brien
Pasquale Verdicchio
Literatures of the World:
Stephanie Jed
Steven Cassedy
Milos Kokotovic (FW)
Max Parra (S)
Camille Forbes