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Amos Oz
Renowned Israeli writer and peace activist Amos Oz delivers the Herman Wouk Visiting Lecture
Mandeville auditorium, April 22, 2013
Photo by Dirk Sutro, DAH

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New Japanese Writing: Monkey Business Writers Speak

New Japanese Writing: Monkey Business Writers Speak

Monday, October 13, 2014
Literature Building Room 155 (de Certeau)

Monkey Business is a Brooklyn-based annual literary journal focusing on new Japanese writers including Haruki Murakami, Yoko Ogawa and Hiromi Kawakami, also with contributions from distinguished American writers such as Paul Auster, Richard Powers and Steve Erickson. Three Japanese writers who have contributed to Monkey Business will visit UCSD to discuss the Japanese literary scene and read from their own work, accompanied by the editors/translators of the journal.

Speakers: Hideo Furukawa (novelist, Mishima Award), Hiromi Ito (poet, novelist, essayist, Takami Jun Award), and Tomoka Shibasaki (novelist, Akutagawa Award)

Moderators: Roland Kelts and Motoyuki Shibata (Monkey Business editors)

Professor Motoyuki Shibata is Japan's leading translator of contemporary American literature and the founder of a literary magazine, Monkey Business. He has translated the works of Paul Auster, Steven Millhauser, Stuart Dybek, and Richard Powers, among others. In 2010, Professor Shibata has received the Japan Translation Cultural Prize for his translation of Thomas Pynchon's Mason & Dixon. He also received the Suntory Prize for Social Sciences and Humanities for American Narcissus in 2005. He has been a professor of American literature and literary translation at the Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, University of Tokyo until Spring 2014.


Dr. Ron Shane-Shakespeare and Shamanism

Dr. Ron Shane-Shakespeare and Shamanism

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Literature Building Room 155 (de Certeau)

Shakespeare is a visionary artist, but likewise can be considered a prodigious shaman. This Renaissance artist certainly actualized his numinous body, and could readily coalesce with a higher dimensionality of the celestial realm. He wrote the following in his play the Midsummer Nights Dream: "The poets I in a fine frenzy rolling, does glance from heaven to earth, from earth to heaven, and imagination bodies forth/ forms of things unknown, the poet's pen turns them to shapes, and gives to aire nothing a local habitation and a name/ such tricks with strong imagination" (1). What is Shakespeare referring to by a fine frenzy rolling"? It is evident as with Plato's dialogue, the Ion, that the Shamanistic artist's plume powers of perception are not limited by the dismal shade of ratiocination or what Nietzsche explicated as Apollonian Consciousness. Higher theosophy and epistemology merge, and become intertwined in mirthful rhapsody or what is referred to as deductive enthrallment. For Shakespeare, a dull-witted human entity cannot apprehend phenomena beyond the limitations of reason.

Dr. Shane is a world-leading authority in body mind consciousness studies. He has written many books and lectured on this topic. His PhD blended visionary literature with social psychology; and his dissertation on William Blake and the English Romantics focused on the activation of the etheric body. Dr. Shane completed post-doctoral study at UCLA's Renaissance Institute where he did advanced research in the mystical aspects of William Shakespeare and Edmond Spenser under the aegis of Dr. Michael Allen; and likewise completed a MFA training in theater and experimental video during his tenure as a post-doc at UCLA. Dr. Shane was a faculty member in the Department of English at UCSB and SDSU.

Dr. Shane is a very high Tae Kwon Do black Master belt, receiving his 7th degree certificate from Grandmaster Hwang, who is the highest ranking grandmaster in the world. He is on the board of the United Tae Kwon Do Alliance and has written many books and articles on the internal dynamics of Tae Kwon Do. His Zen Beauty Institute is based on strategies for individuals where they can achieve optimal physical and interior salubriousness. His Mystique of Energy delineates how the esoteric body blends with the luminous celestial sphere. Dr. Shane has given over 45 lectures to medical doctors on many distinctive topics, and has written 150 articles for several medical publications.


Post Doc Lecture Series - Ronak Kapadia

Post Doc Lecture Series

Ronak Kapadia: "Warm Data: US Military Imprisonment and the Sensorial Life of Empire"

Friday, October 24, 2014


Literature Building Room 155 (de Certeau)

Ronak K. Kapadia, Assistant Professor of Gender and Women's Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago

Over the past decade, the US security state has engaged in an immense data collection project on racialized "Muslim" populations not just in its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also in the US and around the world. How have contemporary artists from the South Asian and Arab diaspora responded to these new tactics of US counterinsurgency warfare in their aesthetic practices and cultural forms? This talk investigates the critical and social potential of visual and installation art by Rajkamal Kahlon, Mariam Ghani, and the Index of the Disappeared. Kapadia will focus on these artists' incorporation of newly released government documents detailing widespread abuses in US military practices of torture, interrogation, kidnapping, and rendition in their artworks. This talk will explore how South Asian and Arab diasporic artists employ these documents as raw materials for their creative interventions, and in so doing, offer a more imaginative account of militarized security and 'the sensorial life of empire.'

Prof. Kapadia is Assistant Professor of Gender and Women's Studies and affiliated faculty in Asian American Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is completing his first book, The Sensorial Life of Empire, a study of contemporary South Asian, Muslim and Arab diasporic visual cultures and their critical intersections with the logics and tactics of US counterinsurgency warfare.

His writings have been published or are forthcoming in Asian American Literary Review, Journal of Popular Music Studies, South Asian Diaspora, Women & Performance, and edited volumes including: Shifting Borders: America and the Middle East/North Africa (Ed. Alex Lubin), With Stones in Our Hands: Racism, Muslims and US Empire (Ed. Sohail Daulatzai and Junaid Rana), and Critical Ethnic Studies: An Anthology. With Simone Browne and Katherine McKittrick, he is co-editor of the forthcoming special issue on 'race and surveillance' for Surveillance & Society.