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Honors Program 2013-2014 Participants

Honors Student 1 Lorato Anderson
Thesis Title:
Honors Student 2 Luis Barco
Thesis Title:
Masculinidades y Violencia en Los Detectives Salvajes
Honors Student 3 Roberto Becerra
Thesis Title:
The Retrograde Mirror Stage: Richard II and (Non) Identity
Honors Student 4 Caitlyn Cibulsky
Thesis Title:
WAITING FOR THE PUNCH TO COME: bruise stories and small fictions, three in number
Honors Student 5 Monica Csikesz
Thesis Title:
The Autobiography of My Sister
Honors Student 6

Hillary Dakin
Thesis Title:
Encyclopedia of Living Things

Honors Student 7 Emily Glider
Thesis Title:

Enclosing Shakespeare – The Spatial Politics of the Restoration Adaptation
Honors Student 8 Jennifer Haden
Thesis Title:
The Lady Visitor and the Threat of Contagion: Middle-Class Philanthropy in Victorian Fiction
Honors Student 9 Jarjour Hernandez
Thesis Title:
Voces mayas, mujeres guerreras en batalla continua – Testimonios y poemas
Honors Student 10 Catherine Kensok
Thesis Title:
The Environmental Culture of California: Literature and Theory about Finding “Refuge in Nature”
Honors Student 11 Cordia Leung
Thesis Title:
To Look upon a Work of Rare Device: Spenser and the Authorship of Gender
Honors Student 12 Kellen Levy
Thesis Title:
The Greatest Show on Earth:  Political Identity in the Imagined Community of Pop Culture
Honors Student 13 Lilibeth Moreno
Thesis Title:
O̶U̶ ̶A̶L̶E̶P̶H̶ ̶I̶ ̶T̶A̶U̶  – a project in translation and erasure
Honors Student 14 Florencia Orlandoni
Thesis Title:
Latin@futurism: a Look at Futuristic Pieces Produced by Latin@s North of the Border
Honors Student 15 Amara Painter
Thesis Title:
Honors Student 16

Liberty Sacker
Thesis Title:

Honors Student 17

Christopher Shenton
Thesis Title:
UCSD: An Exploration of Place

Honors Student 18

Daniel Sichmeller
Thesis Title:
The River The Rain

Honors Student 19

Tipkretar Sirisarnsombat
Thesis Title:
“Ruuh Ruum” or “Know / Gap”:  A Memoir

Honors Student 20

Carmen Spicer
Thesis Title:

Honors Student 21

Rosa Valdez
Thesis Title:
Violencia femenina: Las relaciones de género en la literature de la posguerra salvadoreña

Honors Student 22

Lauren Weintraub
Thesis Title:
Finding Flannery

Honors Student 23

Claire Yee
Thesis Title:
Unlocking the Gilded Cage

Honors Student 21

Ellen Zacarias
Thesis Title:
From Fat Pigeons to Touchscreens: Memories of Growing Up in Southern San Diego

Award Winners

Sherley Williams Memorial Award
Lorato Anderson

Burckhardt Award
Emily Glider