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Study Abroad in Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires
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Study Abroad

Luis Martin-CabreraLuis Martin-Cabrera
UCEAP Director of our study abroad programs in Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires (Argentina)


I have been the UCEAP Director of our study abroad programs in Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires (Argentina) since 2013. Students who come to study abroad in Chile and Argentina improve drastically their Spanish skills, if they are not already bilingual, in which case they spice up their Spanish with a lot of “Chilenismos” and “porteñismos”. Students take typically three classes and an Internship. This allows them both to be integrated in local universities and to insert themselves into social organizations, companies or institutions. As a result, they acquire in depth knowledge of Chilean culture and society; they expand greatly their knowledge about Chile, Argentina, and Latin America. In fact, Argentina and Chile are just two windows that invite students to be exposed to the wider economic, cultural, and political dynamics of the subcontinent. Finally, and this is perhaps the most important aspect of the program, students are personally transformed by their experience of studying abroad. They change for the better; they become different people, more empowered and more conscious of differences and inequalities in the world; they become global citizens.

-Luis Martin-Cabrera

[From the Catalog]

"It may sound awfully cliché, but if you're a writer, studying and living in Paris pretty much guarantees unlimited inspiration. But I imagine that this will be the case studying abroad in any big city, and faced with a new situation."

- Gaelle Faure, Literature/Writing Major, '06
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