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Graduate Students - PhD

Soraya Jill Abuelhiga

Yelena Diane Bailey

Carolin Bottcher

Bailee Daniele Chandler

Luis Alberto Cortes

Mayra Cortes

Mayra Cortes 
Email Address:Contact Department
Year of Entry: Fall 2015
Ph.D. Program - Literatures in English

Research Interests:

Shakespeare, especially the performance of gender and violence
Metamorphosis in the Renaissance
Performance, Gender, and Sexuality Studies  
Sacrifice in the Bible
The aesthetics of intoxication in Romantic literature  
Immigrant experience literature

Jane Elizabeth Coulter

Gina di Grazia (Altavilla)

Jodi Eisenberg

Rosiangela Escamilla

Rhett William Farinholt

Julia Fermentto-Tzaisler

Julia Fermentto-TzaislerJulia Fermentto-Tzaisler
Email Address:Contact Department
Year of Entry: Fall 2015
Ph.D. Program - Comparative Literature

Research Interests:

Jewish-American, Hebrew and Yiddish modern literature, with a particular interest in jewish history, gender theory and feminism


Julia Fermentto—Tzaisler is an Israeli writer and journalist. Her first novel "Safari" was published in Israel in 2011. Since then she has published short stories and opinion pieces in ׳Haaretz׳ newspaper. She received her B.A in Literature and French and her M.A in Comparative Literature from Tel-Aviv University.

Sören Fröhlich

Alberto Garcia Jr.

Kailey Nicole Giordano

Stephanie Gomez Menzies

Stephanie Gomez Menzies
Email Address: Contact Department
Year of Entry: Fall 2011
Ph.D. Program - Cultural Studies

Research Interests:

Comparative Caribbean Studies, Puerto Rican Studies, Caribbean Literatures, Performance Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Hemispheric American Studies, Gender Studies, Critical Geographies

Research Skills:

Field research in Puerto Rico, New York, and Mexico; academic research and writing in English and Spanish; teaching experience in world literatures, Spanish language, composition, and disability studies.


Stephanie Gomez Menzies received her B.A. from Wellesley College where she studied Spanish and American Studies. She is currently a doctoral candidate. Her dissertation is entitled, Bodies Dispossessed: Antigone and the Aesthetics of Loss in Caribbean Performance 1968-present.

Paulina Gonzales

Allia Ida Griffin

Gibran Guido

Danielle Hammer

Kevin Hart

Zachary Richard Hayes

Catherine Hayter

Lauren Allison Heintz

Bernandine Marie Hernandez

Jeanelle Horcasitas

Mark Kelley

Nadeen Kharputly

Anthony Yooshin Kim

Eunsong Kim

Ashvin R. Kini

Teresa Kuruc

Gaetan Victor Legrand

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Jun Lei

Jennifer Anne Marchisotto

Amanda Martin Sandino

Melissa I Martinez

Norell Martinez

María Muñoz

Bernardo Nuñez

Edmundo R Ortiz

Crystal Pérez

Christopher Michael Perreira

Ilaria Tabusso Marcyan

Cindy Pinhal

Reema Rajbanshi

Beatriz Asuncion Ramirez

Jorge Omar Ramirez

Nima Rassooli

Clare Rolens

Fernando Andres Sanchez

Violeta Sanchez

Kayleigh Setoda

Kayleigh SetodaKayleigh Setoda
Email Address: ksetoda@ucsd.edu
Year of Entry: Fall 2015
Ph.D. Program - Comparative Literature

Research Interests:

Transatlantic Romanticism, specifically British, American, & Latin American works; Hemispheric American Studies within the 18th & 19th-Century; Ecocriticism; Caribbean Literature

Savannah Sherer

Information Coming ...

Haydee Smith

Sharryl Sosa

Alan Stauffer

Information Coming ...

Sarika Talve-Goodman

Katherine Anne Merit Thompson

June Chun-Yuan Ting

Stacey Michelle Trujillo

Megan Christine Turner

Niall Ivan Twohig

Ben Van Overmeire

Diana Marcella Vargas

Melissa Rachelle Vipperman-Cohen

Pai Wang

Pai Wang
Email Address: paw003@ucsd.edu
Year of Entry: Fall 2015
Ph.D. Program - Cultural Studies

Research Interests:

East Asian films, media and popular culture, transnational studies, star studies, film genres, gender and sexuality studies.

Research Skills:

Majored in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, I have taught students from a variety of ages and cultures. Besides teaching, I conducted a field research on Taiwanese local consciousness during my graduate study. I also had the experience of producing a short horror film and I want to write or produce more film works in the future.

Jeanine Marie Webb

Katrina Suzanne Woltmann

Tatiana Sophia Zavodny

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