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Photo by Professor Pasquale Verdicchio
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The Literatures in Italian Major

The Literatures in Italian Major has the following requirements:

  1. Nine upper-division courses in Italian literature as follows:
    • LTIT 100, Introduction to Italian Literature
    • LTIT 115, Medieval Studies
    • LTIT 161, Advanced Stylistics and Conversation
    • One course in Italian North American Culture
    • Five additional upper-division courses in Italian literature taught in Italian
  2. Three courses in a secondary literature, that is, a literature taught in a language other than Italian. At least one of these courses must be upper division.
  3. Upper-division electives chosen from Department of Literature offerings to make a total of twelve upper-division courses.

Faculty Advisor 2014-2015

Pasquale Verdicchio
Student Advising:
Danny Panella
Undergraduate Advisor
117 Literature Building
(858) 534-8681
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Faculty Advisors

Director Undergraduate Studies:
Jin-kyung Lee

Virtual Advising
Virtual Advising

Italian Studies

The Italian Studies Program is an interdisciplinary program in the language, literature, history, music, theatre and art of Italy. Italian Studies coordinates the resources of the Departments of History, Literature, Music, Theatre and Dance, and Visual Arts, and offers students the opportunity to design a major, leading to a B.A., around the course offerings of these five departments.