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The Literatures in German Major

German at UCSD

There are many opportunities to study German at UCSD. Elementary language courses are offered in the Linguistics Department, while the second-year sequence (2ABC) is taught in the Literature Department. We also offer upper-division classes on various aspects of German literature and culture, both in the original German and in English translation. [More]

Study Abroad

Students who have completed German 2C or its equivalent are eligible to spend a quarter or an entire academic year earning UC credit at one of our partner universities in Berlin, Germany through the Education Abroad Program. Other options for study abroad exist for students with little or no German. [More]

Majors and Minors

The Literature Department offers a major and a minor in German Literature. Students can also major or minor in the interdisciplinary German Studies program, combining coursework in German language and literature with additional courses on German history, music, philosophy, or politics.

Career Opportunities

Studying German can open many doors, leading to careers in international business and travel, advanced degrees in the humanities, and teaching opportunities at all levels of instruction. Professional schools in such fields as Law, Library Science, or Journalism look favorably on students with liberal arts degrees, particularly those who have mastered a foreign language and studied abroad.

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German Studies

The German Studies Program at UCSD is an interdisciplinary program that offers both a major and a minor for students with broad academic interests in the German-speaking world.

Why German?

There are more native speakers of German than any other language in the European Union. Germany also has the strongest economy in the European Union and plays a central role in European and global politics. The German-speaking lands of Central Europe have a rich cultural legacy that includes such giants as Goethe, Kafka, Nietzsche, and Beethoven, while today’s reunified Germany has become a vibrant center for the production of new literature, film, and the visual arts. Whether you dabble with the language, dip into the literature, or devote a lifetime to its study, German at UCSD has much to offer.

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