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Course Offerings 2010-2011

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LTAF: African Literature
LTAM: Literature of the Americas
LTCH: Chinese Literature
LTCS: Literature/Cultural Studies
LTEA: East Asian Literature
LTEU: European/Eurasian Literatures
LTFR: French Literature
LTGN: Literature/General (pre-1999)
LTGK: Greek Literature
LTGM: German Literature
LTHE: Hebrew Literature
LTIT: Italian Literature
LTKO: Korean Literature
LTLA: Latin Literature
LTNE: Near Eastern Literature
LTPR: Portuguese Literature
LTRU: Russian Literature
LTSP: Spanish Literature
LTTH: Theory
LTWL: Literatures of the World
LTWR: Literature/Writing
RELI Prgm for the Study of Religion
TWS Third World Studies
Literatures in English: For students entering UCSD prior to Fall quarter 2002 -- Literatures in English Majors are required to include courses from each of the following five catagories among their upper division courses:

(a) British Literature before 1660: at least two courses,
(b) British Literature from 1660 to 1832: at least one course,
(c) British Literature after 1832: at least one course,
(d) United States literature before 1860: at least one course,
(e) United States literature after 1860: at least one course.