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Tuition and Fees (2012-13)

Your annual costs for tuition/fees during the 2-3 years of your program may range from $600 to approximately $30,000, depending on your circumstances:

Are you a resident or nonresident for tuition purposes? Residents are charged $14,516 in tuition and fees for the 9-month school year. Nonresidents are charged the above plus $15,102 in supplemental tuition for a total of $29,618. (Note: Tuition and fees are subject to change. Please visit the OGS webpage, Graduate Student Tuition and Fees (OGS) for current information.)

If nonresident, do you qualify for an exemption or waiver from paying nonresident tuition?

Will you be awarded a fellowship that covers part of your fees and tuition? The San Diego Fellowship and Tribal Membership Fellowship cover regular and nonresident tuition for the recipient's first year in the program, and regular tuition for the second year. If funds are available, the Literature Department may help cover regular or nonresident tuition for a student's first year in the program.  Under no circumstances will the department or UCSD pay nonresident tuition after the first year for students who are eligible to establish California residency. See Funding for more information about fellowships.

If nonresident, can you satisfy the criteria for establishing residency during the first year of your program to avoid owing nonresident tuition in subsequent years?

Are you an international student? International students are nonresidents for tuition purposes. International students who are noncitizens are not eligible to establish California residency to avoid paying supplemental/nonresident tuition but will be considered for MFA program fellowships if funding is available. International students who speak and write English fluently are eligible to apply for TAships and Readerships of up to 25% time. See Funding for more information.

Will you obtain a Teaching Assistantship or Readership at 25% time or more each academic quarter? As academic student employees, TAs and Readers may be eligible for partial remission of regular tuition and fees (nonresident tuition is not subject to remissions). See Funding for more information.

2013 Admissions

Applications Accepted
Sep.1-Dec.1, 2012

Applicants Notified
February 2013

Program Begins
September 2013

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