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Yachilan Ruins
Yachilan ruins, Chiapas, Yucatán
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Click here for more information on the Spanish Language and Culture Program in the Department of Literature, including:

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Where do I take courses in Spanish?

The Department of Linguistics offers introductory courses in Spanish.

The Department of Literature offers intermediate and advanced courses in Spanish.

Department of Linguistics Department of Literature
1A/AX 2A
1B/BX 2B
1C/CX 2C
1D/DX 2DE (Spanish for heritage/native speakers)
  50ABC (Introductory Literature Courses)

Where do I start?

  • If you have never studied the language before, you should enroll in LISP 1A/AX
  • If you have studied the language before, you may not enroll in LISP 1A/AX
  • If you have studied the language before, consult with your college advisor about whether you need to take an online placement test. This test will determine which course is appropriate for you. Students who have taken AP exams in these languages or other college-level courses may not need to take the online placement test - again, check with your advisor.
  • If you already understand and speak Spanish fairly fluently and are a native speaker, you may not enroll in LISP 1A/AX-2C. You probably should enroll in LTSP 2D, which emphasizes acquiring skills in reading, writing, and grammar. Check with the Spanish language supervisor for proper placement.


Language and Culture Programs

Spanish Supervisor:

Beatrice Pita

Student Advising:
Danny Panella
Undergraduate Advisor
117 Literature Building
(858) 534-8681
Virtual Advising

Director Undergraduate Studies:
Margaret Loose

Course Flow Chart

Course Flow Chart

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Linguistics Spanish 1D/DX

The Linguistics Language Program offers 1D/DX in Spanish. This course develops all language skills while focusing on conversational competence, cultural awareness, and the grammatical functions essential for communication. 1D/DX is taught by two instructors entirely in the target language. Course activities include cultural readings, videos, resources of the Internet, and computer-based materials.

Literature Spanish 2A

The Department of Literature offers 2A courses in Spanish. These are intermediate-level language and culture courses conducted entirely in the target language. 2A includes a thorough review of grammar and continues to stress all five language skills -- speaking, listening, reading, writing and cultural literacy. This is conducted through classroom practice and discussion of films, and cultural readings drawn from a variety of sources.