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Lisa R. Lampert-Weissig

Ph.D. (UC Berkeley)

Katzin Endowed Chair of Jewish Civilizations

Primary Office: LIT 347
Primary Phone: (858) 822-0204
Quarterly Office Hours

Email: llampert@ucsd.edu
Website: http://www.medievallit.org
Website: http://www.talesofthenight.org

Vice Chair, Department of Literature

UCSD Hellman Fellow
Recipient of UCSD President's Fellowship in the Humanities

My research explores questions of anti-Semitism and representations of the outsider in literatures in English, French, and German. My current projects include a book on the legend of the Wandering Jew in medieval and modern contexts, essays on monsters in contemporary popular culture, and Remappings, a digital project on the Jewish presence in medieval and early modern England undertaken with Professor Kathy Lavezzo of the University of Iowa.

Selected Publications:

Medieval Literature and Postcolonial Studies. Edinburgh University Press, 2010.

Gender and Jewish Difference from Paul to Shakespeare. University of Pennsylvania Press, Middle Ages Series, 2004.

"Race, Periodicity, and the (Neo-) Middle Ages," Modern Language Quarterly 65. (2004): 391-421.

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"The Once and Future Jew: Little Robert of Bury, Historical Memory and the Croxton Play of the Sacrament," Jewish History 15.3 (2001):235-255.

“Why is the Knight Different from all other Knights?”: Anti-Semitism and the Old French Grail Romances,” JEGP (April 2007): 225-242.

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“The Time of the Wandering Jew in the De Brailes Hours and the Chronica Majora,” forthcoming in Philological Quarterly.