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Lisa R. Lampert-Weissig

Ph.D. (UC Berkeley)

Katzin Endowed Chair of Jewish Civilizations

Primary Office: LIT 347
Primary Phone: (858) 822-0204
Quarterly Office Hours

Email: llampert@ucsd.edu
Website: http://www.medievallit.org
Website: http://www.talesofthenight.org

Vice Chair, Department of Literature

UCSD Hellman Fellow
Recipient of UCSD President's Fellowship in the Humanities

Lisa Lampert received her Ph.D. in English Literature from U.C. Berkeley. She has published on Middle English Literature and modern German-Jewish literature. Her teaching interests include medieval and early modern English literature, medieval women writers, Middle High German literature, literary representations of Jews and Judaism, and feminist theory.

Selected Publications:

Medieval Literature and Postcolonial Studies. Edinburgh University Press, 2010.

Gender and Jewish Difference from Paul to Shakespeare. University of Pennsylvania Press, Middle Ages Series, 2004.

"Race, Periodicity, and the (Neo-) Middle Ages," Modern Language Quarterly 65. (2004): 391-421.

"'O My Daughter’: the schöne Jüdin and the neuer Jude in Hermann Sinsheimer’s Maria Nunnez." The German Quarterly 71.3 (Summer 1998): 254-270.

"The Once and Future Jew: Little Robert of Bury, Historical Memory and the Croxton Play of the Sacrament," Jewish History 15.3 (2001):235-255.