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Fatima El-Tayeb

Ph.D. (Hamburg)

Professor of African-American Literature and Culture

Primary Office: LIT 424
Primary Phone: Contact Department
Quarterly Office Hours

Email: feltayeb@ucsd.edu

Affiliated Faculty for Department of Ethnic Studies

Director Critical Gender Studies

African and Comparative Diaspora Studies, Queer Theory, Transnational Feminism, European Migrant and Minority Cultures, Muslim communities in the West, Queer of Color Critique, Visual Cultural Studies, Media Theory

European Others. Queering Ethnicity in Postnational Europe. University of Minnesota Press, 2011 (German translation: Unrast Verlag, 2015)
Schwarze Deutsche. Der Diskurs um 'Rasse' und nationale Identität 1890 - 1933, Frankfurt/New York: Campus, 2001
Articles (selection):
"Time Travelers and Queer Heterotopias: Narratives from the Muslim Underground" The Germanic Review: Literature, Culture, Theory, 88(3) 2013, 305-319
"Gays Who Cannot Properly be Gay. Queer Muslims in the Neoliberal European City" European Journal of Womens Studies 19/1, 2012
"The Forces of Creolization.' Colorblindness and Visible Minorities in the New Europe" in: Françoise Lionnet/Shu-mei Shi (eds.), The Creolization of Theory, Duke University Press, 2011
"The Birth of a European Public" Migration, Postnationality, and Race in the Uniting of Europe." American Quarterly 60(3) 2008, 865-969
"The Archive, the Activist, and the Audience, or Black European Studies: A Comparative  Interdisciplinary Study of Identities, Positionalities, and Differences," in: Transit, Issue 1: Migration, Culture, and the Nation State,  2005, 1-7.
'If You Cannot Pronounce My Name, You Can Just Call Me Pride' Afro-German Activism, Gender, and Hip Hop" Gender & History 15/3(2003): 459-485
"Blood Is a Very Special Juice: Racialized Bodies and Citizenship in 20th Century Germany," in: Complicating Categories: Gender, Race, Class, and Ethnicity, ed. Eileen Boris, International Review of Social History 44 (1999): 149-169
Alles wird gut/Everything will be fine, Germany, 1997 (with Angela Maccarone)