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Chicano/a ~Latino/a Studies

This concentration investigates the cultural production of ethnic Mexican and other Spanish-speaking communities in the United States. Spanning the period from the U.S. occupation of northern Mexico in the mid-nineteenth century to the present day, courses cover a wide range of objects such as literary writing, testimonials, biographies, visual arts, music, film, and performance art. While each faculty member has individualized approaches and interests, the group shares a commitment to historical studies and textual analysis as well as to bilingualism and community involvement. Within this general framework, issues of class, gender, sexuality, immigration, race, social movements, and religion complement the investigation of specific social and economic contexts. Students are encouraged to historicize the present as well as the past in order to understand contemporary objective conditions for Spanish-speaking and indigenous communities in the United States. Comparative studies of multiple U.S. ethnic groups as well as research on transnational connections to Latin America are encouraged. Faculty members collaborate closely with UCSD's Chicano/a& ~Latino/a Arts and Humanities Program, the California Cultures in Comparative Perspective Program, and the Department of Ethnic Studies.

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Daisuke Miyao (Chair)
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