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Graduate Students - MFA

Active MFA students in the Department of Literature.

Alexis Aceves Garcia

Email Address: aacevesgarcia@ucsd.edu
Year of Entry: Fall 2021 

Cheyenne AvilaCheyenne Avila

Email Address: Contact Department
Year of Entry: Fall 2020 

Cheyenne Avila (she, her) is a Black and Mexican American poet, performer, and failure from Bellflower, California. She is currently enrolled in grad school during the climate apocalypse. Her writing sometimes imagines postcapitalist futures, and is always situated in the wounded and feeling and ancient knowing of the spirit, soul, aether. She is a part-time curandera and a full-time chillona. Most of her socks have holes in them. Her career goal is to abolish all careers. She enjoys crying in public, talking to ghosts, magic mushrooms, and pointing out cool-looking birds. She hopes to overcome her fear of spiders and conflict resolution, get a lot of tattoos, grow her hair long, and meet a wizard that will turn her into a western bluebird.

Carlito BealCarlito Beal

Email Address: Contact Department
Year of Entry: Fall 2018

B.A. in English Literature and Language, with Creative Writing Concentration, College of the Holy Cross
B.A. in Sociology, with a focus in Queer and Gender Studies, College of the Holy Cross

Writing and Research Interests: Hybrid genres, the archive and critical fabulation, comics, zine scenes, flash fiction, queer narratives, trans narratives, digital poetics, slam poetry.

Carlito Espudo is a queer, genderfunky Chicanx writer, born and raised in Palm Springs, California (Organic Certified) (not really). He works in hybrid forms with a focus in fragmentation, as well as the interplay of text with image. Their most recent work investigates themes of family, gender, and memory through a multicultural lens. Although school and existential dread keep Espudo busy, they still find time to be the Poetry Editor of Name and None magazine. His debut poetry chapbook, boy if, was the winner of the 2019 Outwrite DC Chapbook contest and is available online through Neon Hemlock Press.

Find him onTwitter / Instagram as @ALittleManly
Check out their chapbook:  boy if

Photo: Naya Marie Velazco

Maya BeckMaya Beck

Email Address: Contact Department
Year of Entry: Fall 2020 

Maya Beck is a broke blipster, lapsed Muslim, recovering otaku, pan demigirl, socially-anxious social justice bard, and speculative fiction writer. She is an alum of writing programs including VONA, Kimbilio, Tin House, The Loft Literary Center, and the Givens Foundation. Her writing has been nominated for the Pushcart and the Best of the Net, and has been awarded a Minnesota State Arts Board Grant. She tweets as @mayathebeing, blogs at mayabeck.com, and is pursuing a creative writing MFA at UCSD. Maya was born on Kumeyaay land with a Detroit/Chicago Black American pedigree. She is also petmom to a sassy bunny named Blossom.

Aminta Dunn

Email Address: amdunn@ucsd.edu
Year of Entry: Fall 2021 

Iman Farahani

Email Address: Contact Department
Year of Entry: Fall 2020 

Dana FidlerDana Fidler

Email Address: Contact Department
Year of Entry: Fall 2020 

Dana Fidler is a writer, musician, and photographer based in Santa Cruz, California and a candidate for the MFA in Writing. Their work stresses anaphoric and cataphoric reference, plays with inset images, and confuses poetics, essay, and critique to study matters of noise, dysphoria, perception, queerness, connection, and spacetime.

Matt FordMatt Ford

Email Address: Contact Department
Year of Entry: Fall 2020 

BA, Anthropology, Vassar College; Domestic Exchange, African-American Studies, Morehouse College

Writing and research interests: Blackness, queerness, ethnomusicology, performance studies, liberation discourse, the human condition, mental health, healing, multimedia storytelling, lyric essays, installation art, cultural iconography, digital publishing, public libraries and archives, citational poetics, cosmology, geography, divinity, dance.

Matt Ford is a writer, archivist, and educator who calls both Detroit and Chicago home. Principally an essayist and music journalist, Matt is now focusing on poems and art elucidating blackness, love, and inner consciousness. They also dabble in deejaying, radio hosting, portraiture, and erotic literature, and count God, Janet Jackson, and Audre Lorde as personal saviors. Matt previously completed an art handling fellowship at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and prophetic life training in Michigan; they’ve been published in the Wall Street Journal, HuffPost, and Chicago Reader.

Website: www.5-d.works

Adrienne HerrAdrienne Herr

Email Address: aherr@ucsd.edu
Year of Entry: Fall 2021

Adrienne Herr is a poet whose work is cross-form, often presented in multiple registers including sound, site-specific installation and performance. Recent exhibitions include The flight of the clay pigeon thrown into the air where we shoot (2020) at EXILE, Vienna, and MUSEUM ISLAND (2019) at Shore Gallery, Vienna. Recent performance works include BLIND (2020) at Schloss Salon, Berlin and Light Works or, poems for the Angel (2019) at The Community Gallery, Paris. Her poetry has been published in German translation by Edit Literaturzeitschrift (2021), and a sound album is forthcoming from Primordial Void based in Athens, Georgia. Recent collaborations with Martin Kohout, Sanna Helena Berger, and Cecilie Nørgaard. 

Website: adriennes.site

Lucien HerzogLucien Herzog

Email Address: Contact Department
Year of Entry: Fall 2020

BA, The Evergreen State College

Writing and research interests: dance & movement, allegory, worldbuilding, death & dying, care & caretaking, aging, vitalism, collectivity, rhythm, money, pedagogy & modeling, ergonomics

Lucien Spect writes prose, poetry, and performance writing. Also makes dance & plays music in bands like Scrivener, Natomy, Posy, and Going To. Likes to collaborate. Is ¼ of the writing and thinking collective of friends, Sundae Theory. He has spent most of his time in “Olympia, WA,” where it is damp and grey.

Kira Jacobson

Email Address: Contact Department
Year of Entry: Fall 2020

Aditi Kini

Email Address: Contact Department
Year of Entry: Fall 2020

Alaric LopezAlaric López

Email Address: Contact Department
Year of Entry: Fall 2020

B.A. in Creative Writing from University of Texas at El Paso, 2020, summa cum laude

Writing/research interests: play, Fluxus, Happenings, music, conceptual art, sound art, intermedia, performance, participatory art/poetics, ephemeral forms, non-textual poetics, uncertainty/indecision, social media, video, film, social alienation, technological disruption, documentary poetry, punk, improvisation, addiction, digital poetics, cyberpunk, text in visual art, open works, playing the text, relational aesthetics.

Alaric López is a musician, songwriter, intermedia artist, and poet. Since 2012, Alaric has recorded, released, and performed his music under the alias Monarcadia (available through his Bandcamp site monarcadia.bandcamp.com or via streaming platforms). He has had poems published in the Rio Grande Review, and has held multimedia performances around El Paso, TX, including at the Rubin Center for the Visual Arts. Alaric is interested in developing new forms of poetry through extensive experimentation, and developing intermedia forms that effectively blend his various interests and practices.

Neon MashurovaNeon Mashurova

Email Address: Contact Department
Year of Entry: Fall 2019

BS, Journalism, Boston University College of Communication

Writing and research interests: Poetry, nonfiction, hybrid forms, music writing, utopias & dystopias, collectivity, communal trauma & healing, DIY spaces, queer & trans legacies, radical intimacies, anxious embodiment, surveillance, machine learning, borders & state violence, post-Soviet affect, hauntology, pop culture, noise & other dissolutions, gay noir, club theory, cyborg theories, desire, monstrosity, friendship.

Neon Mashurov (usually writing/performing as NM Esc) is a writer from Brooklyn via the post-Soviet diaspora. Their writing has appeared in The Felt, Peach Magazine, Queen Mob’s Teahouse, and Ghost City Press, as well as Pitchfork, The FADER, Impose Magazine, The Media, and multiple self-published & small press chapzines.

Their work is in conversation with the archives & practices of care that allow minoritarian subjects & communities to survive in the face of ambient violence, trauma and precarity. As a fire sign, Neon is invested in collective culture-making, pursued most recently through six years as a collective member at the Silent Barn in Brooklyn where they co-organized shows and readings; as well as across projects in Boston, Hamburg (via the Villa Magdalena residency), and elsewhere. They are currently working on a poetry project which explores the affect of collective collapse and the bureaucratic dimension of utopia-building, as well as a queer vampire noir about gentrification & NYC nightlife. They love the gig.

Julia MoncurJulia Moncur

Email Address: Contact Department
Year of Entry: Fall 2020

BS, Psychology, University of Utah

Writing and research interests: intergenerational trauma, mental illness, medicine, the Avant Garde, Expressionism, Latin American studies and literature, transgression

Julia is from the composer’s cleft-house: the birthroom of budding R♭s, the prayer-gallows of sheetless children, and darkrooms where razors score film for language. In her writing she explores the complexities of intergenerational trauma, mental illness, and everything wordless. Julia is currently working on expressionist and surrealist prose concerning her intersectional identities, as well as a study researching the connections between the Latin American and European Avant Garde. Her work has been featured in Thrice Fiction Literary Magazine and others. In 2019, the Lieutenant Governor of Utah awarded Julia for her service and volunteerism for her work with abuse survivors and the mentally ill. She enjoys her French Bulldog (Mambo), volunteering as a doula, and Polish cooking and cuisine.

Townsend Montilla

Email Address: Contact Department
Year of Entry: Fall 2018

BA and MA, English Literature, University of Puerto Rico at Rio Piedras

Siloh RadovskySiloh Radovsky

Email Address: Contact Department
Year of Entry: Fall 2018

BA, Creative Writing, Evergreen State College

Writing and research interests: Prose; critical poetics; new narrative; medicine; history of science and objectivity; structures of care (medical and otherwise); pop culture; religious studies; food and eating; the contemporary condition of social entrepreneurship.

Siloh Radovsky writes personal essays, experimental prose and prose poems, and fiction. Siloh received her B.A. from the Evergreen State College, where she took an interdisciplinary approach to writing, often merging word and image. Her work has appeared in Teen Vogue, Sundae Theory, Inkwell, Alchemy, and is forthcoming in PANK. She is also the author of numerous zines, some of which can be found on her website. Siloh is currently working on experimental, research-based prose concerning contemporary relationships to bodily and emotional wellness, as well as institutional structures of care and their histories. Siloh was an artist-in-residence at the Hinge Arts program in Minnesota, in spring 2017. She does Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has a dog, and went to herb school in Portland.

Website: siloradovsky.net.

Becca Rae RoseBecca Rae Rose

Email Address: Contact Department
Year of Entry: Fall 2019

BA, Interdisciplinary Concentration in Creative Writing and Gender Studies from Fairhaven College, Western Washington University

Writing and research interests: critical gender studies, queer studies, poetry, memoir, realistic fiction, spoken word, identity politics, theory in the flesh, Women of Color feminisms, theories of intersectionality, Latin American studies and literature, mental health, madness, body art, collage and mixed-media visual art.

Becca Rose is from the small mountain town of Sisters, Oregon, a place that greatly informs her work through imagery, nature motifs, and the complex collision of religion and gender identity. Refusing the traditional concept that poetry is written from a divine inspiration to fill the poet like a vessel, rather she experiences writing as an excavation, as a political and personal reckoning—which she learned through reading a lineage of writers such as Audre Lorde, June Jordan, and Gloria Anzaldúa. Her current work is spurred by the desire to unravel how madness, gender, bodies, and our contemporary political moment knot together. She explores this in her poetry by connecting politically disposable bodies to roadkill—deaths that are overlooked and normalized. Writing is her method of waking, this work a rejection of complacency and a reimagining of madness as power and resistance.

McKenzie RossMcKenzie Ross

Email Address: Contact Department
Year of Entry: Fall 2019

Honors BA, English; Honors BA, International Studies; Honors BA Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies—Oregon State University

Writing and research interests: Reflexive texts, queer studies, semiotics, postmodernism, French literature, sound synthesis, comics, speculative fiction, aesthetics of eroticism, transgression, and abjection.

McKenzie Ross, a Salt Lake City domestic, graduated summa cum laude from Oregon State University. She enjoys writing sharp, punchy fiction with formalist inclinations. Her characters are often forced to go without names and frequently have their pants around their ankles. Her work has been featured in the North Dakota Quarterly.

Gin To

Email Address: pto@ucsd.edu
Year of Entry: Fall 2021 

Napoleon TouafekNapoleon Touafek

Email Address: Contact Department
Year of Entry: Fall 2020

napoleon took the photo to your right in Queens.
napoleon knows home is where the heart is & they're heartbroken between Boston & Paris.
napoleon is bisexual & non-binary.
napoleon was raised around Judaism & Christianity but believes in everything.
napoleon likes the following idea: "THE FUSION OF THE EROTIC AND THE LIFE THREATENING."
napoleon likes the following idea, too: "ANIMAL TRAPPED IN THE HEADLIGHTS, PARALYZED."
napoleon despises the false distinction between poetics & politics.
napoleon runs away often & often to Never/Wonderland.
napoleon has danced since 5, played guitar, piano, & drums since 9ish, & wanted a vasectomy at 16, etc.
napoleon made this collage of artists & art works of all varieties they fall in love with over & over again as often as they can: Kathy Acker, Ariana Reines, Alex Dimitrov, Jorie Graham, Kazim Ali, Virginia Woolf, Justin Phillip Reed, Lucie Brock Broido, CAConrad, Cody-Rose Clevidence, Fleur Jaeggy, Ocean Vuong, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Emily Skillings, Anne Sexton, Audre Lorde, Elaine Kahn, sam sax, Arthur Rimbaud, Susan Howe, Jos Charles, Danez Smith, Richard Siken, David Wojnarowicz, Tracey Emin, Mark Morrisroe, Jenny Holzer, Otto Dix, Cindy Sherman, Harmony Korine, Larry Clark, George Grosz, Hyman Bloom, Cy Twombly, Erik Satie, Björk, Jean Dawson, The Cure, Eliot Smith, Ecco2k, Slowdive, Chet Baker, Burial, Oneohtrix Point Never, Nico Muhly, Crystal Castles, FKA Twigs, Gaspar Noë, Blue is the Warmest Color, Melancholia, Heaven Knows What, God's Own Country, The Florida Project, Elephant, Nostalghia, La Haine.
napoleon loves poison ivy & hydrangeas.
napoleon will name their first cat Lady Casket.
napoleon identifies most with indigo.
napoleon writes & writes & writes & will not have children. 

Alissa TuAlissa Tu

Email Address: Contact Department
Year of Entry: Fall 2019

BA, Writing Studies, University of Washington Tacoma

Writing and research interests: Mental health, sexuality, religion, gender expression, Southeast & Eastern Asian Culture, gentrification, street dance, hybrid forms, lyric essay, film, and mythology.

Alissa Tu is a writer from Olympia, Washington. She writes poetry and nonfiction, and participates in a variety of visual arts. She enjoys writing and reading about the Asian American experience, and her work often centers around the different intersections of identity such as socioeconomic status, race, gender, and sexuality.

Wambui Wainaina

Email Address: Contact Department
Year of Entry: Fall 2018

BA, individualized major, New York University

Emily YangEmily Yang

Email Address: elyang@ucsd.edu
Year of Entry: Fall 2021 

Writing/research interests: revolutionary intimacies, queer futurities, (mis)translation, ghosts, cyborgs, ritual, Taiwanese history/geopolitics, anime/manga, film (particularly Taiwanese & Hong Kong New Wave), the intersections of nationalism & patriarchy, myth & mythmaking, glitch feminism, mutation, decolonial caregiving & caretaking, tropes, gossip, posthumanism, gender failure, intergenerational memory, misrepresentation, fandom, archival gap-flossing, queer ekphrasis & relational poetics, multilingual literatures, transpacific entanglements.

Emily Yang/楊佳諭 (she/they) was raised in Taipei, Taiwan and, for better and for worse, holds American citizenship. She writes and makes things about slippery encounters between languages and people, or else the way structures of violence infringe on people’s capacity to care for and build intimacies with one another. She is always missing papaya milk and her bidet, and she tweets unprofessionally @taromilkpng.

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